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Best Paper awards







Each year an award will be given by the Best Paper Award Committee for a contribution which is outstanding in its scientific quality.

In addition to a certificate, the award includes a prize of free registration at a future ECMS conference. 

The award will be presented in the closing session of the conference

Awards given:



Towards Secure Non-Deterministic Meta-Scheduling For Clouds
by Agnieszka Jakobik, Daniel Grzonka, Joanna Kolodziej, Horacio Gonzalez-Velez (Poland)

Special Student Award:

On Usage Of EEG Brain Control For Rehabilitation Of Stroke Patients
Tom Verplaetse(student), Filippo Sanfilippo, Adrian Rutle, Ottar L. Osen, Robin T. Bye (Norway)

nominated for this award in 2016 besides the winner: 

SVT-127: Intelligent Computer-Automated Crane Design Using An Online Crane Prototyping Tool

                     by Ibrahim A. Hameed, Robin T. Bye, Ottar L. Osen, Birger Skogeng Pedersen,  Hans Georg Schaathun

DIS-125:  Three Layers Network Influence On Cloud Data Center Performances

                 by Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono, Daniele Manini


DIS-118(student):  Cloud Implementation Of Agent-Based Simulation Model In Evacuation Scenarios

                 by Andrzej Wilczynski(student), Joanna Kolodziej 


ECMS 2015 in Albena


Self-Adaptive Stepsize Search Applied To Robust Engineering Design Optimisation
Ralph Krause, Lars Nolle, Richard J. Cant, United Kingdom / Germany

nominated for this award in 2015 besides the winner: 

PROBSTAT-31:   On The Effective Bandwidth Estimation In Communication Network

                     by Evsey V. Morozov, Ksenia A. Kalinina

PROBSTAT-17:   On Sharp Bounds Of The Rate Of Convergence For Some Queueing Models

                 by Alexander Zeifman, Galina Shilova, Victor Korolev, Sergey Ya. Shorgin  



ECMS 2014 in Brescia


A Ship Motion Short Term Time Domain Simulator And Its Application
To Costa Concordia Emergency Manoeuvres Just Before The January 2012 Accident

by Paolo Neri, Mario Piccinelli, Paolo Gubian, Bruno Neri, Italy

nominated for this award in 2014 besides the winner: 

EEE-95:   Current Control Of A VSI-FED Induction Machine By Predictive Technique

                     by Sergiu Ivanov, Vladimir Rasvan, Eugen Bobasu, Dan Popescu, Florin Stinga

IS-35:       Towards Evolutionary Deep Neural Networks

                 by Tomas H. Maul, Andrzej Bargiela, Siang-Yew Chong, Abdullahi S. Adamu  




Use Of Agent Based Modeling To Simulate Complex Ecological Systems
In Contexts With Poor Information; The Case Of The Winton Wetlands
In Victoria, Australia

by Luisa Perez-Mujica, Terry Bossomaier, Roderick Duncan, Max C. Finlayson

                  nominated for this award in 2014 besides the winner:

DIS-139:    Realistic Mobility Simulator For Smart Traffic Systems And Applications
     by Cosmin-Stefan Stoica, Ciprian Dobre, Florin Pop

IS-85:         Reusable Reinforcement Learning for Modular Self Motivated Agents
    by Jaroslav Vitku, Pavel Nahodil



ECMS 2013 in Ålesund

E-Learning Based Competence Development In Logistics Software Application For Simulation And Visualization
by Gaby Neumann, University of Applied Science Wildau, Germany

nominated for this award in 2013 besides the winner: 

SIMO-86:  Simulation Of Robust Master Production Scheduling In An Industrially Relevant
                   Planning Environment

                   by Julian Englberger, Frank Herrmann, Thorsten Claus, University of Applied Sciences
                   Regensburg, Innovation Centre for Factory Planning, and Technical University Dresden,
                   IHI Zittau, Germany

IS-182:       Analytic Programming In The Task Of Evolutionary Synthesis Of The Robust
                   Controller For Selected Discrete Chaotic Systems

                   by Roman Senkerik, Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova, Ivan Zelinka, Michal Pluhacek,
                   Tomas Bata University in Zlin , Faculty of Applied Informatics and Faculty of
                   Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VB-TUO, Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic


ECMS 2012 in Koblenz

High-Precision Robust Cascade Model for Closed-Loop Control of Ceramic Glow Plug Surface Temperature in a Diesel Engine
by Ramita Suteekarn, Martin Sackmann, Bernd Last, Clemens Gühmann
DTSquare GmbH,Stuttgart, BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH, Ludwigsburg, TU Berlin, Germany

nominated for this award in 2012 besides the winner: 

ABS-67:  Variance in System Dynamics and Agent Based Modelling using the SIR Model of Infectuous Disease
 by Aslam Ahmed, Julie Greensmith, Uwe Aikelin (Intelligent Modelling and Analysis Research Group University of Nottingham)

CSM-106: eRAMZES--Novel Approach for Simulation of Reactive Molding Process
             by Lukasz Matysiak, Robert Platek, Michal Banas, Robert Sekula (ABB Corporate Research, Krakow, Poland)

ECMS 2011 in KrAków

ABS 104:
Simulating entrepreneurial strategies in a global knowledge economy
         by Martin Ihrig
              The Wharton School
of the University of Pennsylvania, USA

nominated for this award in 2011 besides the winner: 

LT 21: Optimized multi-echelon inventory policies in robust distribution networks
 by Katja Klingebiel, Cong Li
             Technical University of Dortmund and Fraunhofer Institute, Dortmund

EEE 75: Useful software tool for simulating switched reluctance motors
             by V. Chindris, R. Terec, M. Ruba, L. Szabo, P.Rafajdus
                   Technical University of Cluj and University of Zilina
ABS 94: Modelling decisions under uncertainty in a behavioural queuing system
             by C. Delgado, A. van Ackere, University of Lausanne
E.Larsen, K. Sankaranarayanan, University of Lugano

ECMS 2010 in Kuala Lumpur

A Study on Lamarckian and Baldwinian Learning on Noisy and Noiseless Landscapes
       by Cheng Wai Kheng, Meng Hiot Lim, Siang Yew Chong
            University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Malaysia

nominated for this award in 2010 besides the winner: 
FE18:  Behavioral Microsimulation of a Dual Income Tax: A Mixed-Logic Approach
by Gerhard Wagenhals, Stuttgart (paper wasn't presented due to illness of                     the author)
ABS45:  A Spatial Simulation Model for the Diffusion of a Novel Biofuel on the Austrian Market
by Elmar Kiesling, Markus Günther, Christian Stummer,
                     Rudolf Vetschera,Lea M. Wakolbinger, Vienna
MCT22:  Modelling and Control of Hot Air System under Conditions of Uncertainty
                 by Radek Matušů, Roman Prokop, Zlín

ECMS 2009 in MadriD

An Applied Step In Forest Fire Spread Modelling
by Yves Dumond, University of Savoie, France

Student award:
Automatic Traffic Detection System
       by Michal Lyczek, Agata Chrobak, Anna Kulka, Lukasz Kaminsk
 University of Warsaw, Poland

ECMS 2008 in Nicosia

Buffer Management for Automated Material Handling Systems
in Semiconductor Industries
by Roland Wertz, Christian Fischmann, Fabian Böttinger, Christian Kunz, Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart, Germany

ECMS 2007 in Prag

by Roland Reichardt, Fred Weinhold, Wolfgang Wiechert, University of Siegen, Germany

Student award:
by Zuzana Oplatková, Ivan Zelinka, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic

ECMS 2006 in Bonn, St. Augustin

ECMS 2005 in Riga

ECMS 2004 in Magdeburg

ECMS(fOrmer ESM) 2003 in Nottingham

Rapid Prototyping of Human Interface Technologies using Simulation
by Maria F. Grabovac, David A. Craven and James W. Meehan, Defense Science Org., Australia

Simulation Modelling of UML Software Architectures
by Simonetta Balsamo and M.oreno Marzolla, University of Venezia, Italy

ESS 2002 iN Dresden

A New Paradigm for the Numerical Simulation of Stochastic Petri Nets with General Firing Times
by Graham Horton, University of Magdeburg, Germany






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