HPCS 2007


in conjuction with

21st EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling 
and Simulation ECMS 2007


June 4th - 6th, 2007
Prague, Czech Republic


List of final papers

 1004 Implementation And Evaluation Of Conditional Stream In Stream Processor
Bing Cai Sui, Zuo Cheng Xing, Anguo Ma, Ping Huang, Minxuan Zhang
1005 Phased Drowsy I-Cache With On-demand Wakeup Prediction Policy For High-Performance Low-Energy Microprocessors 
Hongwei Zhou, Chengyi Zhang, Minxuan Zhang
1006 Parallel Min-Max Ant Colony System (MMAS) For Dynamic Process Scheduling In Distributed Operating Systems Considering Load Balancing 
Mohammad Nikravan, Mostafa H. Kashani
1007 A Genetic Algorithm For Process Scheduling In Distributed Operating Systems Considering Load Balancing Mohammad 
Nikravan, Mostafa H. Kashani
1008 Research On A Low-Power MCD Technique Based On EPIC 
Rong Ji, Liang Chen,Yongwen Wang, Xianjun Zeng, Junfeng Zhang
1009 Simulation Based Optimization Of Indirect Aluminium Extrusion Process Parameters 
Sachin Man Bajimaya, Chang Mok Park, Gi-Nam Wang
1010 A Comparison Of Scheduling Algorithms For Multiprocessortasks With Precedence Constraints 
Jörg Dümmler, Raphael Kunis, Gudula Rünger
1011 Optimizing Cache Efficiency By Simulation Driven Automatic Padding 
Marco Höbbel, Thomas Rauber, Carsten Scholtes
1012 Hardware Design, Expandability, System Cost And Mean Inter-Node Message Distance Of Augmented Hypercube Torus And Master-Slave Star-Ring Augmented Hypercube Architectures 
Maryam Amiripour, Hamid Abachi
1014 A Peer-to-Peer Simulation Architecture 
Bernardt Duvenhage, Willem H. le Roux
1016 RUBLX : A Ruby-Based Batch Language For XGRID 
Tetsuya Suzuki, Kiyoto Hamano
1018 Experiences With Aspect-Based Parallelization Of Scientific Code 
Manuel Díaz, Sergio Romero, Bartolomé Rubio, Enrique Soler, José M. Troya
1019 Pragmatics Of Virtual Machines For High-Performance Computing: A Quantitative Study Of Basic Overheads 
Cam Macdonell, Paul Lu 
1020 Multi-RAID Queuing Model With Zoned Disks 
Soraya Zertal, Peter Harrison
1021 BSP/CGM Algorithms For The Transitive Closure Problem 
Edson Norberto Cáceres, Cristiano Costa Argemom Vieira
1022 Model Of Lossy Links In Wireless Sensor Networks 
Yelena Chaiko, Viktors Gopejenko
Sec Workshop on Security and High Performance Computing Systems
sec-01 An Architecture For Distributed Dictionary Attacks To OpenPGP Secret Keyrings 
Massimo Bernaschi, Mauro Bisson, Emanuele Gabrielli, Simone Tacconi
sec-02 TPMC: A Model Checker For Time-Sensitive Security Protocols 
Massimo Benerecetti, Nicola Cuomo, Adriano Peron
sec-03 An Experience-Based Incident Response System 
Gianluca Capuzzi, Egidio Cardinale, Ivan Di Pietro, Luca Spalazzi
pgc Special Session on Parallel and Grid Computing for Optimization (PGCO'2007)
pgc-04 A Grid-Based Hybrid Cellular Genetic Algorithm For Very Large Scale Instances Of The CVRP 
Bernabé Dorronsoro, Daniel Arias, Francisco Luna, Antonio J. Nebro Enrique Alba
pgc-05 Towards A Napster-Like P2P B&B Algorithm 
M. Mehdi, M. Mezmaz, N. Melab, E-G. Talbi
pgc-01 Distributed Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm For Optimal Design Of Ad Hoc Injection Networks 
Gégoire Danoy, Pascal Bouvry, Enrique Alba
pgc-03 Bob++ : A Framework For Exact Combinatorial Optimization Methods On Parallel Machines 
François Galea, Bertrand Le Cun
pgc-02 A Grid-enabled Framework For Exact Optimization Algorithms 
I. Zunino, N. Melab, E-G. Talbi
irv Special Session on High Performance Information Retrieval and Visualization: Algorithms and Applications
irv-1001 An Efficient Method For Compressing And Searching Genomic Databases 
Jeffrey B. Wallace, Gregory L. Vert, Sara Nasser
irv-1002 Volumetric Visualization Methods For Atmospheric Model Data In An Immersive Virtual Environment 
Michael P. Dye, Frederick C. Harris Jr., Philip A. McDonald, William R. Sherman
irv-1004 A Taxonomy Model Supporting High Performance Spatial-Temporal Queries In Spatial Databases 
Gregory L. Vert, Rawan Alkhaldi, Sara Nasser Frederick C. Harris. Jr., Sergiu M. Dascalu
irv-1003 Managing Data and Computational Complexity For Immersive Wildfire Visualization 
Michael A. Penick, Roger V. Hoang, Frederick C. Harris Jr., Sergiu M. Dascalu, Timothy J. Brown, William R. Sherman, Philip A. McDonald


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