28th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2014

University of Brescia, Italy

local pages: www.eco.unibs.it/ecms

May 27th - 30th, 2014
Brescia, Italy


Modelling and Simulation in Robotic Applications (MSRA)


The Modeling and Simulation in Robotic Applications track is intended to offer a forum for people interested in modeling and simulation of robotic systems and their environments. Modeling and simulation are fundamental for design, implementation, training, and evaluation of robotic systems, their environments, and their operators. Robotic systems are complex, dynamic, multi-model systems posing multiple challenges to the modeler. Evaluation of robotic system performance is complex due to the inherent interaction between robotic system operation and the environment. Testing robotic system performance in a physical environment can be both costly and dangerous. Simulations are an important tool for robotic system evaluation augmenting and replacing physical tests. More and more robotic systems are integrated in dynamic, unstructured environments assigned to tasks that necessitate close cooperation with human operators.  With such tasks modeling and simulation of robot operation becomes crucial for maintaining system performance and safety. As the interaction between the human operator and robot increasingly resembles that of co-workers rather than a master and a slave, models and real-time simulations are imperative for facilitating joint appreciation of the capabilities of each entity.

Subjects of this track include but are not limited to:

  • Modeling and simulation for robotic system design

  • Modeling and simulation for evaluation of robot performance

  • Modeling and simulation of robotic environments and applications such as: industrial, domestic, search and rescue, agriculture

  • Modeling and simulation of shared human-robot tasks and capabilities

  • Modeling and simulation for safety in human robot interaction

  • Modeling and simulation for training and tele-presence

  • Modeling and simulation for active vision


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