33rd INTERNATIONAL ECMS Conference on Modelling and Simulation

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ECMS 2019

June 11 - 14, 2019
Caserta, Area of Napoli, Italy


List of accepted Papers

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Universitŕ degli Studi della Campania
Luigi Vanvitelli
Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica











Invited Talks


Modeling And Simulation Of Organizational Architectures

Alexander H. Levis


Modeling Dependencies In Complex System Dependability

Andrea Bobbio




Finance and Economics and Social Science

FES 14

A Fair Solution Or Pure Theory: Price Adjustment In The EMU

Eszter Boros

FES 22

Dynamics Modeling And The Study Of Birth Rate Determinants In Russian Regions

Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova

FES 25

A Study Of Regional Differentiation Of The Fertility Resources Based On Convergence Models

Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat

FES 30

Together Forever Or Separated For Life: Stress Tests Of Central Counterparties In Case Of Merged And Separated Default Funds

Ferenc Illés, Kira Muratov-Szabó, Andrea Prepuk, Melinda Szodorai, Kata Varadi

FES 44

Decreasing Progressive Tax Rates With Basic Income: The Golden Mean?

Erzsébet Teréz Varga

FES 48

Simulating Bankruptcy – The Effects Of Bailouts

Agnes Vidovics-Dancs, Janos Szaz, Andras Oliver Nemeth, Márta Fekete

FES 51

Is The Effect Of Current Rules Of International Accounting And Prudential Tools Make The Bank Reserving Pro-Cyclical? – Modelling Of Impairment Under IFRS 9 And Countercyclical Capital Buffer

Kádár Csaba

FES 54

Living Longer. Working Longer?
Life Expectancy And Retirement Age Trends In OECD Countries

Ágnes Vaskövi, Erzsébet Kovács

FES 55

How To Improve Your Sovereign Rating? – A Case Study On Hungary

Agnes Vidovics-Dancs, Péter Juhász, Gábor Hajnal, Nora Felfoeldi-Szucs

FES 56

Delivery Risk In A Supply Chain With A Dominating Member: Modeling The Effect Of The Inventory Policy

Ildikó Gelányi, Janos Szaz, Péter Juhász




Simulation in Industry, Business, Transport and Services


Failure-Handling Strategies For Mobile Robots In Automated Warehouses
Thomas Lienert, Ludwig Stigler, Johannes Fottner  


Evaluating Exclusive Lanes For Autonomous Vehicle Platoons

Eduardo Santana, Gustavo Covas, Fabio Kon


Product And Process Integrated Design To Enhance Smart Manufacturing Systems

Mario Caterino, Francesco Caputo, Alessandro De Luca, Marcello Fera, Alessandro Greco, Giuseppe Lamanna, Roberto Macchiaroli, Pasquale Manco, Mario Manzo, Donato Perfetto




Simulation of Intelligent Systems

IS 34

A Prime On Web-Based Simulation

Icaro Fonseca, Henrique Gaspar

IS 40

Automated Tuning Of A Cellular Automata Using Parallel Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimisation

Christoph Tholen, Lars Nolle, Tarek El-Mihoub, Jan Dierks, Alexandra Burger,
Oliver Zielinski

IS 41

Informed Search Patterns For Alleviating The Impact Of The Localisation Problem

Tarek El-Mihoub, Christoph Tholen, Lars Nolle

IS 78

Border Strategies Of The Bison Algorithm

Anezka Kazikova, Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova, Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik

IS 84

Investigation Into The Behaviour Of An Asynchronous Population Based Hill Climbing Algorithm

Lars Nolle, Jens Werner




Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes

MCT 10

Analytical Approaches To Determine The Specific Biomass Growth Rate In Brewing

Georgi Kostov, Vesela Shopska, Rositsa Denkova-Kostova, Bogdan Goranov

MCT 12

Testing Hypotheses Used In Analysis Of Control Quality

Marek Kubalcik, Tomas Barot

MCT 17

Use Of MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment For Real-Time Identification: Case Study

Vladimir Bobal, Marek Kubalcik, Petr Chalupa

MCT 28

Design And Simulation Of Biotechnical Multidimensional Motion Control Systems Of A Robot Manipulator

Ekaterina Rostova, Nikolay Rostov, Vladislav Sobolevsky, Valerii Zakharov

MCT 36

Rapid Development Of Embedded Control Software Using Variable-Detail Modelling And Model-To-Code Transformation

Tim Broenink, Jan Broenink

MCT 43

Wine Quality Assessment Under The Eindhoven Classification Model

Ana Pereira, Ana Crespo, Ana Fernandes, Inęs Aranha, Margarida Figueiredo, Jorge Ribeiro, Humberto Chaves, José Neves, Henrique Vicente

MCT 65

Modelling And Simulation Of A Triglyceride Alcoholysis Reaction

Jakub Husár, Jiří Pecha, Lubomír Šánek, Karel Kolomazník

MCT 67

Implementation Of 7 DoF Robotic System For Fast Unstable Processes

Lubos Spacek, Jiri Vojtesek

MCT 69

Modeling, Simulation And PID Control Of Water Tank Model Using Matlab And Simulink

Jiri Vojtesek, Lubos Spacek

MCT 71


An Electronic Design Automation Tool For Efficiently Improving The Reliability Of Nano-Circuits
Walid Ibrahim, Hoda Amer

MCT 80


Modeling And Simulation Of Porous Multi Layer Microbioreactors

Linas Petkevičius, Romas Baronas




Data Stream Analytics (DSM)

DSM 63

Towards An Active Learning Approach To Tool Condition Monitoring With Bayesian Deep Learning

Giovanna Martinez-Arellano, Svetan Ratchev

DSM 73

Concept Drift Detection Of Event Streams Using An Adaptive Window

Marwan Hassani

DSM 76

Industry Cluster Using Cluster Analysis To Support Industry Cluster Policy Of Thailand

Kanogkan Leerojanaprapa, Komn Bhundarak, Kittiwat Sirikasemsuk




Finite - Discrete - Element Simulation (FDEM)


Structural Analysis On Lightweight Excavator Arms

Luigi Solazzi , Federico Ceresoli, Michele Cima


Evaluating The Stress Field On Sweep During Tillage Process Applying Coupled Finite-Discrete Element Method

Márk Zsolt Vajda, Zsófia Oláh, Ákos Orosz


Numerical Model And Simulation Of Streaming Electrification In A Modified Couette System

Daria Wotzka


Finite Element Analysis Of Crack Propagation In Railway Wheels

Tamas Mate, Peter T. Zwierczyk


FE Simulation Of A Cord-Rubber Composite Tube Subjected To Bending Due To Operational Loads On A Railroad Reverse Curve With Extremely Low Curve Radius At Sub-Zero Temperature

Gyula Szabó, Károly Váradi


Studying The Behaviour Of Crushed Stone Railway Ballast Subjected To Periodic Load

Ákos Orosz, Kornél Tamás, János P. Rádics, Miklós Gálos





DIS High Performance Modelling and Simulation


On Narrative Modeling And Assessment For Strategic Change

Alexander H. Levis

DIS 23

Comparing The Equivalence Testing With Using Two One-Sided Test, Square Root Of F Distribution And 2-ff For Shift-Scale-Equivalence Testing

Puntipa Wanitjirattikal

DIS 29

Engineering Controllers For Swarm Robotics Via Reachability Analysis In Hybrid Systems

Francesco Leofante, Stefan Schupp, Erika Abraham, Armando Tacchella

DIS 49

Vectorized Implementation Of The FEM Numerical Integration Algorithm On A Modern CPU
Filip Krużel

DIS 50

Towards ANN-Based Scalable Hashing Algorithm For Secure Task Processing In Computational Clouds

Jacek Tchórzewski, Daniel Grzonka, Agnieszka Jakobik

DIS 61

Enhancing Virtual Reality Simulations On Mobile Devices By Tracking The Body Rotation

Marco Gribaudo, Gianapolo Branca

DIS 77

Improving Clustering Of Web Bot And Human Sessions By Applying Principal Component Analysis

Grazyna Suchacka

DIS 79

Performance Modeling And Analysis Of An Autonomic Router

Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono, Michele Mastrioianni, Lelio Campanile


PROBSTAT High Performance Modelling and Simulation


Protection Of Valuable Information In Public Information Space

Alexander Grusho, Nick Grusho, Michael Zabezhailo, Elena Timonina


Minimizing Mean Response Time In Non-Observable Distributed Systems With Processor Sharing Nodes

Rostislav Razumchik, Mikhail Konovalov


Approximate Analysis Of The Limited Resources Queuing System With Signals

Kirill Ageev, Eduard Sopin, Konstantin Samouylov


Nonstationary Stochastic Motion Modeling By Dynamical Systems

Yurii N. Orlov, Alexey A. Kislitsyn


Essay On The Study Of The Self-Oscillating Regime In The Control System

Dmitry Kulyabov, Anna Korolkova, Tatyana Velieva, Ivan Zaryadov




Simulation and Optimization


Aggregate Planning Using Mixed Integer Programing: A Fruit Juice Concentrated Factory Case Study

Thananya Wasusri, Issara Ruangngam


Strategic Procurement Process For Multiple Items In A Supply Chain

Tuangyot Supeekit, Tuanjai Somboonwiwat


Solving Non-Quadratic Matrices In Assignment Problems With An Improved Version Of Vogel's Approximation Method

Maximilian Selmair, Alexander Swinarew, Klaus-Jürgen Meier, Yi Wang


A Hybrid Heuristic Based On Self-Organising Maps And Binary Linear Programming Techniques For The Capacitated P-Median Problem

Mike Steglich


Vessel Route Optimization For Offshore Marine Transport

Montra Wongmayura, Thananya Wasusri


Simulation Of Horizontal And Vertical Integration In Digital Twins

Stefan Haag, Carlo Simon


Efficient Design Optimization Of A Thermoelectric Generator By A Combination Of Model Order Reduction And Thermal Submodeling Techniques

Chengdong Yuan, Gunasheela Sadashivaiah, Tamara Bechtold, Evgenii Rudnyi


Simulating Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems With Athos

Benjamin Hoffmann, Michael Guckert, Neil Urquhart, Kevin Chalmers


Sustainable Production Planning And Control: A Systematic Literature Review

Marco Trost, Robert Forstner, Thorsten Claus, Frank Herrmann, Ingo Frank, Hajo Terbrack


Adapted Master Production Scheduling: Potential For Improving Human Working Conditions
Marco Trost, Thorsten Claus, Frank Herrmann


Modelling The Home Health Care Nurse Scheduling Problem For The Patients With Long-Term Conditions In The UK

Fang He, Thierry Chaussalet, Rong Qu


Dynamic Simulation Of The Tubular Linear Actuator With Permanent Magnets

Pawel Piskur, Krzysztof Just, Mariusz Zokowski


Using Multi Criteria Decision-Making (MCMD) For Green Supplier Selection

Walailak Atthirawong


Simulation Techniques Prioritization For The Additive Manufacturing Integration In Traditional Production Contexts

Pasquale Manco, Marcello Fera, Roberto Macchiaroli, Mario Caterino


Mathematical Model Of Biomimetic Underwater Vehicles

Michał Przybylski



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