34th INTERNATIONAL ECMS Conference on Modelling and Simulation

ISSN 2522-2422 (ONLINE) - ISSN 2522-2414 (Print) - ISSN 2522-2430 (CD-ROM)

ECMS 2020

June 9 - 12, 2020
Wildau - Area of Berlin, Germany


Industrial Process Modelling and Simulation (IPMS) 

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all pictures ŠTH Wildau, taken by Matthias Friel





all pictures: ŠTH Wildau, taken by Matthias Friel











This multidisciplinary track provides a context for academic and industrial scientists to exchange ideas about modelling methodologies and developments of industrial models, thereby encouraging international collaborative research and demonstrations of current research in all areas of modelling and simulation in industry and their applications, including service, process and transportation.

Contributions can be related (but are not limited) to new developments or industrial application in the areas of Modelling and Simulation of Industrial Systems and Processes; Planning, Scheduling and Control of Industrial Processes; Resources and Services; Advanced Modelling and Simulation Techniques for Distributed Systems and Operations; Supply and Service Chain Planning and Management; Intelligent Decision Support Systems and Optimisation Tools for Industrial Design; Layout, Maintenance and Operation; Knowledge Discovery and AI Techniques for Business Intelligence; Knowledge Management Systems for Resources and Customer Relations Management; e-Business and Information Systems for the Extended Enterprise; Digital Twin Implementation; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Simulation

Topics can be related also to

-           Energy Systems

-           Government Organizations and Municipalities

-           Large-Scale Simulation

-           Manufacturing Plants and Systems

-           Outsoucing and Offshoring Production Plants

-           Model Calibration

-           HMI for Industrial Simulation

-           Safety-Critical Systems

-           Service Value Chain

-           Product and Service Chain Planning and Management Tools

-           Financial Services

-           Public Services



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