11th European Simulation Multiconference
Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-4, 1997

The numbers opposite author names denote page numbers in the proceedings.

Tuesday June 3

9:00 - 10:30 Ball Room
Plenary Presentations Session Chair: Alexander Verbraeck

How Simulation Gains Acceptance as a Manufacturing Productivity Improvement Tool
Edward J. Williams P-3

Effective Business Systems Engineering: The Contribution of Group Supported Dynamic Modeling
Henk G. Sol


10:30 - 11:00 COFFEE BREAK


11:00- 12:00 Amber Room
Management Simulation Games Session Chair: A. Verbraeck

SIM'2: A Manufacturing Management Simulation Game
Patrick Burlat, Marie-Agnes Girard and Yacine Ouzrout 581

Distribution Logistics Chain Optimization and Simulation Using a Gaming Approach
H. Muller(-Malek), H. Vanmaele and P. Willen 586

11:00 - 12:00 Ruby Room
Monte Carlo Simulation Session Chair: Yuri Merkuryev

Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo Simulation Model
David Pinhas and Muhammed Percin 127

Simulation of Ruin Probabilities in Insurance Business
Serap Agca and Irini Dimitriyadis 132

11:00- 12:00 Topaz Room
Aerospace Simulation Session Chair: Richard Zobel

Numerical Simulation of Rotor Airflow Interference Influence on Rocket for Helicopter Hovering Flight
Gui-Gao Le, Da-Wei Ma, Cheng Xu and Yun-Li Chang 761

Design of the Linear Induction Machine to Apply in Missile Flinging System
Adnan Derdiyok, Nihat Inanc, Veysel Ozbulur, Nurkan Yagiz and E. Sait Varol 765

11:00- 12:00 Safir Room
Simulation Methodologies I (Short Papers) Session Chair: Peter Eschenbacher

Modeling and Simulation of an Electrically Driven Transport Vehicle by Using Bond Graph Method
S. Hakan Undil, Selahattin Dinler and Nurkan Yagiz 3 (S)

A Methodology for Training Simulators Development and Its Computer Implementation
George Anescu 6 (S)

Extended Logical and Numerical Basis for Computer Simulation
Alexander Anoprienko, Vladimir Svjatnyi and Andreas Reuter 2 (S)

11:00 - 12:00 Opal Room
Object-Oriented Design I Session Chair: Axel Lehmann

An Environment for Cellular DEVS Model Simulation
Gabriel A. Wainer, Norbert Giambiasi and Claudia Frydman 5

An Object-Oriented Model of an Industrial Enterprise and Its Environment
Henk de Swaan Arons and Marc Jellema 20

11:00 - 12:00 Pinar II
Multimedia Systems Session Chair: Oryal Tanir

Architecture of an I/O Subsystem for Video Servers
Igor D. D. Curcio, Antonio Puliafito, Salvatore Riccobene and Lorenzo Vita 561

Communication Infrastructure and Workgroup Support for Teleteaching and Teleservices- Experiences and Evaluation
Klaus Irmscher, Gudrun Kleinstauber and Sandra Stocker 568


12:00 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK


13:30 - 15:30 Amber Room
Advances in Simulation Modeling Session Chair: A. Verbraeck

On the Modeling Power of Event Graphs
Enver Yucesan and Lee Schruben 97

Application of DIS Protocols for Integrating Simulation and Visualisation
J. Habibi and R. N. Zobel 107

Web-based Architecture for Simulation Modeling and Analysis
Ali Riza Kaylan, Serhan Ziya and Okan Yilmaz 115

Towards a Simulation Methodology for the Study of Complex Systems
Sylvain Giroux, Jean-Robert Grasso and Franz Lahaie 120

13:30 - 15:30 Ruby Room
Parallel and Distributed Simulation Session Chair: E. J. H. Kerckhoffs

A New Technique for Adaptive Checkpointing in Time Warp
Francesco Quaglia and Laurent R.G.Auriche 35

Predictive Time-Warp
S. Schmerler, Y. Tanurhan and K. D. Muller-Glaser 40

Analytical Expressions for the Number of Messages Exchanged in Time Warp
C. Hirata, V. Abdurahiman, G. Kienbaum and J. Kramer 48

On the Parallelization of Inside-Out Distillation Algorithms
T. Arabadjiyska, C. C. Pantelides and P. Petrov 54

13:30- 15:30 Topaz Room
Computer Networks Session Chair: M. Akif Eyler

Hybrid Scheme for Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Vasil Georgiev and Miroslav Iliev 521

Use of a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for a Computer Network Design Problem
Berna Dengiz, Fulya Altiparmak and Alice E. Smith 529

Process Checkpointing in an Open Distributed Environment
Taha Osman and Andrzej Bargiela 536

13:30 - 15:30 Safir Room
Information Systems Session Chair: Baris Tan

Structural and Quantitative Perspectives on Business Process Modelling and Analysis
Henry M. Franken, Henk Jonkers and Mark K. de Weger 595

Simulation and Modelling in Managing and Controlling of Container Harbours
L. Novitski, E. Bluemel, Y. Merkuryev, J. Tolujew, E. Ginters, P. Lorenz, E. Kindler, D. Slagter and E.Viktorova 600

Are Decision Support Systems Helping Marketers? A Framework for Analysis and a Literature Review
Philip Waalewijn and Henk de Swaan Arons 605

13:30- 15:30 Opal Room
Object-Oriented Design II Session Chair: Osman Balci

Hierarchical Multi-View Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation of Complex Systems Using an Object Oriented Framework
Antoine Aiello, Jean-Francois Santucci, Paul Bisgambiglia and Marielle Delhom 10

Object Oriented Simulation with Hierarchical Models: Application to the Study of a Catchment Basin
Marielle Delhom, Jean-Francois Santucci, Paul Bisgambiglia and Antoine Aiello 15

A Framework to Support Structural Reuse in Simulation Environments
Oryal Tanir and Hakan Erdogmus 25

13:30- 15:30 Pinar II
Systems Optimization Session Chair: Murat Draman

Generalized Hill Climbing Algorithms for Discrete Manufacturing Process Design Problems Using Computer Simulation Models
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Kelly A. Sullivan and Alan W. Johnson 473

Neural and Evolutionary Computation for Industrial Manufacturing
Francisco J. Vico, Jose M. Bravo, Francisco J. Veredas, Antonio R. Redrejo and Fernando Ortega 479

A Tabu Search Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
D. Karaboga and A. Kalinli 484

Simulation Optimization of Buffer Allocations in Tandem Production Lines
Gul Gurkan and A. Yonca Ozge 489


15:30 - 16:00 COFFEE BREAK


16:00 - 17:30 Amber Room
Communications Systems Session Chair: Hakan Erdogmus

Simulation of Highway Traffic for Mobile Communication Systems Design
Khaled Ben Younes, Rudolf Rabenstein and Bernd Girod 543

Modelling of an Opto-Electronic ATM Switch
T. Lazraq, T. Meincke and A.Wirkestrand 548

Simulation of Application Software for a TTP Real-Time Subsystem
W. Fleisch, Th. Ringler and R. Belschner 553

16:00 - 17:30 Ruby Room
Bond Graph Models Session Chair: Nober Giambiasi

Discrete Event Specification of Bond Graph Models
A. Damiba, A. Naamane and N. Giambiasi 191

Modeling and Simulation of a Vehicle Having Dry Friction on Suspensions Using Bond Graph Method
Nurkan Yagiz, Veysel Ozbulur, Adnan Derdiyok and Nihat Inanc 195

BondLab, a Toolbox for Integrated Mechatronic Design
Willem Minten, Sven Vranckx, Bart De Moor and Joos Vandewalle 199

16:00- 17:30 Topaz Room
Decision Support Models Session Chair: Axel Lehmann

General Deployment Model: An Object-Oriented Discrete-Event Simulator for Multinational Military Deployments
Dr. Levent Mollamustafaoglu and Christian Menard 743

A Combination of Expert and Simulation Approach to the Conflict Analysis Support
Andrzej Najgebauer 751

The Interactive Simulation Method of Decision Support in Combat Actions
Andrzej Najgebauer 755

16:00 - 17:30 Safir Room
Scheduling in Transportation Systems Session Chair: Yuri Merkuryev

A Universal Train Traffic Simulation Model and Its Applications to Train Scheduling Systems
Norio Tomii and Takashi Sakaguchi 633

System Simulating Technological Processes at Railway Stations
Ewa Ochmanska 640

Simulation and Optimisation for Management of Intermodal Terminals
Gianluca Bontempi, Luca Maria Gambardella and Andrea Emilio Rizzoli 646

16:00- 17:30 Opal Room
Learning Systems Session Chair: Klaus Peter Huber

Incorporating a Learning System in Simulation Modelling
Vakulathil Abdurahiman, Celso Massaki Hirata, Germano Kienbaum and Ray J. Paul 287

Using Genetic Algorithms to Design Neural Reinforcement Controllers for Simulated Plants
P. H. M.Spronck and E. J. H. Kerckhoffs 292

Distribution of Tumors in the Genoa Area Using Holographic Associative Memory (HAM)
Lorenzo Motta and Oscar A. Mayora - Ibarra 300

16:00- 17:30 Pinar II
Robotics and Vision Systems Session Chair: Onur Ulgen

On Realistic Robot Simulation
R. Bernhardt, G. Schreck and C. Willnow 347

Comparative Study of Two Approaches for Manipulation Robot Control
Nina Patarinska and Alexander Hristov 352

Pork Carcasses Characterization with Color Vision
Cesar Bandera, Fenglei Du, Jose M. Bravo, Francisco J. Veredas, Francisco J. Vico and Fernando Ortega 359

17:40- 18:20 Amber
BLUE SKY MEETING Session Chair: Alexander Verbraeck

The Blue Sky Meeting is meant for SCS Members and all conference participants to discuss issues concerning the Society for Computer Simulation International, conference organization, ideas for new products or events, etc. SCS Europe council board members will be available at the meeting to answer questions and to take action on ideas or remarks.

(c) SCS Europe, 1997. Authors: Ali Riza Kaylan, Alexander Verbraeck, Philippe Geril. Last change: 24-05-02