21st EUROPEAN Conference
on Modelling and Simulation

ECMS 2007

June 4th - 6th, 2007
Prague, Czech Republic


Conference Tracks (Themes)

The Conference welcomes submissions on all aspects of Simulation and Modeling, both theoretical and applied. Special tracks will be organized on the following topics:
(chairs might still vary till finally nominated)
(Please note that a paper can only be submitted when it is related to exactly one of these tracks)

track code

IS Simulation of  Intelligent Systems     (chairs: Shane Lee, Lars Nolle, Ivan Zelinka)
CS Simulation of Complex Systems    (chair: Krzysztof Amborski)
IBS Simulation in Industry, Business and Services  (chairs: Alessandra Orsoni, Ricardo Goncalves, Serhiy Kovela)
VV Vision and Visualization  (chairs: Gerald Schaefer, Dmitry P. Nikolaev)
ESE Simulation, Experimental Science and Engineering  (chair: Jan Amborski)
LT Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation in Logistics, Transport and Supply Chains
(chairs: Gaby Neumann, Yuri Merkuriev, Edward Williams)
ABS Agent-Based Simulation  (chair: Eugène Kerckhoffs)


Simulation Applications in Industry (chair: Agostino Bruzzone)


Modelling and Simulation Methodologies (chairs: Claudia Frydman, Olivier Dalle)


Simulation and Modelling in Molecular Biology (chairs: Matej Lexa, Joseba Bikandi, Ivan Zelinka)


Games Simulations and Interactive Digital Media (chair: Qasim H. Mehdi)


Chaos modelling, control and signal transmission (chairs: Ivan Zelinka, Sergei Celikovski, Lars Nolle)


Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes (chairs: Petr Dostal, Jiri Vojtesek, Frantisek Gazdos)


Student Session (chair: Zuzana Oplatkova)


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