24th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2010

June 1st - 4th, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Accepted Papers



Plenary Papers:

Collaborative Granular Modeling And Simulation

Witold Pedrycz

Consensus Clustering And Fuzzy Classification For Breast Cancer Prognosis

Jonathan M. Garibaldi, Daniele Soria, Khairul A. Rasmani

Scientific Research Funding From The EU

David Crowley


EPMAS: Evolutionary Programming Multi-Agent Systems (abs 31)

Ana M. Peleteiro, Juan C. Burguillo, Zuzana Oplatková, Ivan Zelinka


Analysis And Classification Of Task Knowledge Patterns (abs 42)

Wai Shiang Cheah, Leon Sterling


A Spatial Simulation Model For The Diffusion Of A Novel Biofuel
On The Austrian Market  (abs 45)

Elmar Kiesling, Markus Günther, Christian Stummer, Rudolf Vetschera, Lea M. Wakolbinger


Towards Ontology-Based Multiagent Simulations: The Plasma Approach (abs 46)

Tobias Warden, Robert Porzel, Jan D. Gehrke, Otthein Herzog,
Hagen Langer, Rainer Malaka


Investigating Entrepreneurial Strategies Via Simulation (abs 52)

Martin Ihrig


Enhancing Agents With Normative Capabilities (abs 55)

Ulf Lotzmann


Types Of Anticipatory Behaving Agents In Artificial Life (abs 58)

Pavel Nahodil, Karel Kohout


Simulation Of Highly Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Characteristics (csm 3)

V. Thamizh Arasan, G. Dhivya


Simulation Of Traffic Lights Control (csm 47)

Krzysztof Amborski, Andrzej Dzielinski, Przemysław Kowalczuk,
Witold Zydanowicz


Mathematical Simulation Of The Magnetic Field Occurred By
The Armature Reaction Of The Synchronous Machine (eee 33)

Aleksandrs Mesņajevs, Andrejs Zviedris


An Estimation Of Passenger Car Equivalent Of Motorbikes (ese 12)

Ngoc-Hien Do, Quynh-Lam Ngoc Le, Ki-Chan Nam


AKAROA2: A Controller Of Discrete-Event Simulation Which Exploits
The Distributed Computing Resources Of Networks (ese 17)

Don McNickle, Krzysztof Pawlikowski, Greg Ewing


Application Of Low-Cost Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
Products In The Development Of Human-Robot Interactions (ese 44)

Ottar L. Osen, Helge T. Kristiansen, Webjřrn Rekdalsbakken


Electrically Driven  And Controlled Landing Gear For UAV Up To 100kg Of
Take Off Mass (ese 48)

Zbigniew Skorupka, Wojciech Kowalski, Rafał Kajka


Low-Cost System For Detecting Traffic Offences (ese 51)

Łukasz Kamiński, Michał Łyczek, Michał Popławski


Flying Object Armour Concept Analysis Based On Helicopter (ese 53)

Włodzimierz Gnarowski, Jerzy Zoltak, Rafał Kajka


Car Brake System Analytical Analysis (ese 54)

Wojciech Kowalski, Zbigniew Skorupka, Rafał Kajka, Jan Amborski


Behavioral Microsimulation Of A Dual Income Tax Reform:
A Mixed-Logit Approach (fe 18)

Gerhard Wagenhals


A Framework For Emergency Department Capacity Planning Using System Dynamics Approach
And The Theory Of Constraints Philosophies (ibs 13)

Norazura Ahmad, Noraida Abdul Ghan, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Razman Mat Tahar


A Prototype Simulator Of Police Operations In Crisis Situations (ibs 23)

Andrzej Urban, Mariusz Nepelski,Grzegorz Gudzbeler


Timer Embedded Finite State Machine Modeling And Its Application (ibs 30)

Duckwoong Lee, Byoung K. Choi, Joohoe Kong


Adoption Of Simulation Techniques For Mastering Logistic Complexity Of Major
Construction And Engineering Projects (ibs 32)

Katja Klingebiel, Yuriy Gavrylenko, Axel Wagenitz


Visual Modeling And Simulation Toolkit For Activity Cycle Diagram (ibs 37)

Donghun Kang, Byoung K. Choi


Virtual Commissioning Of Manufacturing Systems A Review And New Approaches
For Simplification (ibs 41)

Peter Hoffmann, Talal M.A. Maksoud, Reimar Schumann,
Giuliano C. Premier


Multiple Scenarios Computing In The Flood Prediction System FLOREON (ibs 63)

Jan Martinovič, Štěpán Kuchař, Ivo Vondrák, Vít Vondrák, Boris Šír, Jan Unucka


Scientific Approaches For The Industrial Workstations Ergonomic Design:
A Review (ind 25)

Terry Bossomaier, Agostino Bruzzone, Antonio Cimino, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli


Modelling And Simulation Of Dry Anaerobic Fermentation (ind 38)

Zdenka Prokopová, Roman Prokop


Optimization And Control Of A Dynamical Process By Genetic Algorithm (is 19)

Tran Trong Dao


Enhancing Fuzzy Inference System Based Criterion-Referenced
Assessment With An Application (is 20)

Kai Meng Tay, Chee Peng Lim, Tze Ling Jee


Comparision Of Compuational Efficiency Of MOEA\D and NSGA-II For
Passive Vehicle Suspension Optimization (is 27)

Tey Jing Yuen, Rahizar Ramli


A Comparison Of Posture Recognition Using Supervised And
Unsupervised Learning Algorithms (is 29)

Maleeha Kiran, Chee Seng Chan, Weng Kin Lai, Kyaw Kyaw Hitke Ali, Othman Khalifa


Hydrometeorologic Social Network With CBR Prediction (is 35)

Tomáš Kocyan, Jan Martinovič, Andrea Valičková, Boris Šír,
Michaela Hořínková, Veronika Říhová


Structural Compression Of Document Images With PDF/A (is 39)

Sergey Usilin, Dmitry Nikolaev, Vassili Postnikov


Simulation Model For The Whole Life Cycle Of The Slime Mold
Dictyostelium Discoideum (is 50)

Matthias Becker


Constructing Continuous-Time Chaos-Generating Templates Using
Polynomial Approximation (is 60)

Hidetaka Ito, Shinji Okamoto, Kosuke Fujimoto, Akira Kumamoto


On Reliability Of Simulations Of Complex Co-Evolutionary Processes (is 61)

Peter Tiňo, Siang Yew Chong, Xin Yao


Robot Soccer - Strategy Description And Game Analysis (is 62)

Jan Martinovič, Václav Snášel, Eliška Ochodková, Lucie Žołtá, Jie Wu, Ajith Abraham


Network Flows In Optimisation Problems And Their Extensions (is 66)

Miloš Šeda


Synthesis Of Control Law For Chaotic Henon System Preliminary Study (is 68)

Zuzana Oplatková, Roman Senkerik, Ivan Zelinka, Jiří Hološka


Modelling And Control Of Hot-Air System Under Conditions Of Uncertainty (mct 22)

Radek Matušů, Roman Prokop


Relay Feedback Autotuning – A Polynomial Design Approach (mct 28)

Roman Prokop, Jiří Korbel, Zdenka Prokopová


Transplant Evolution For Optimization Of General Controllers (mct 34)

Roman Weisser, Pavel Ošmera, Miloš Šeda, Oldřich Kratochvíl


A Data Management Framework Providing Online-Connectivity In
Symbiotic Simulation (mct 43)

Sebastian Bohlmann, Matthias Becker, Helena Szczerbicka,
Volkhard Klinger


Hybrid Adaptive Control Of CSTR Using Polynomial Synthesis And Pole-Placement Method (mct 65)

Jiři Vojtěšek, Petr Dostal, Roman Prokop


Simulation Of Water Use Efficiency To Tackle The Drought (mrgm 36)

Asha Karunaratne, Neil Crout


A Study On Lamarckian And Baldwinian Learning On Noisy And Noiseless Landscapes (mrgm 40)

Cheng Wai Kheng, Meng Hiot Lim, Siang Yew Chong


Multilayered DEVS Modeling And Simulation Implementation Validation
On A Concrete Example: Prediction Of The Behavior Of A Catchment Basin (mrgm 59)

Emilie Broutin, Paul Bisgambiglia, Jean-François Santucci


A Neuroalgorithmic Investigation Of The Outer Retina (mrgm 64)

Tomás Maul, Andrzej Bargiela, Lee Jung Ren


Statistical Extraction Of Protein Surface Atoms Based On A Voxelisation Method (mrgm 71)

Ling Wei Lee, Andrzej Bargiela



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