25th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2011

 University of   Bielsko-Biala

June 7th - 10th, 2011
Krakow, Poland

Cracow University of Technology






Modelling and simulation are widely considered essential tools in many areas of science and engineering for the prediction and analysis of complex systems and natural phenomena. They often require a significant amount of computational resources with data sets typically scattered across different geographical locations. Furthermore, the development of such complex modelling and simulation environments usually requires collaborative efforts from researchers with different domain knowledge and expertise, possibly at different locations. High performance computing is arguably required to deal with the behaviour and complexity of such large-scale systems.

The aim of the track is to present innovative academic and industrial research, methods, and techniques related to all aspects of modelling and simulation that employ high-performance computing technologies. Contribution can range from concepts and theoretical developments to advanced technologies and innovative applications. Topics of interest for the workshop include but are not limited to the following:

  • Large Scale Systems for Computational Sciences.
  • Biologically inspired Systems Modelling and Simulation.
  • Large Scale / Combinatorial Scientific Computing.
  • Parallel/Distributed Meta- and Hyper-Heuristics.
  • Large-scale/Collaborative Problem Solving Environments.
  • Distributed Global/Polynomial Optimisation.
  • Large Parallel/Distributed Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Data and Computing Simulation/Modelling.
  • Intelligent Mechanisms/Heuristics/Rules for Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Management in P2P, Grid, Cluster, and Cloud Computing.
  • Large/Complex Machine Learning.
  • Nature-inspired Methods/Heuristics for Large Problem Solving Environments.
  •  Algorithms and Applications relating the above mentioned research areas.



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