31st EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2017

May 23rd - May 26th, 2017
Budapest, Hungary



List of Accepted Papers

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CORVINUS University of Budapest - BCE


Budapest University of Technology and Economics - BME

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Invited Talks


Economic Modeling And Economic Policy Surveillance In Europe

Istvan P. Szekely


Discrete Element Modelling Of Cohesionless, Cohesive And Bonded Granular Materials - From Model Conceptualisations To Industrial Scale Applications

Jin Y. Ooi


Agent-Based Simulation

ABS 59

Statistical Model Checking Of Multi-Agent Systems

Libero Nigro, Paolo F. Sciammarella

ABS 77

Driving Behaviour Clustering For Realistic Traffic Micro-Simulators

Alessandro Petraro, Federico Caselli, Michela Milano, Marco Lippi


Finance and Economics and Social Science


Simulation Models Of Two Duopoly Games

Ingolf Stahl


Determination Of Factors Influencing The Decision On Purchasing Organic Food

Walailak Atthirawong

FES 10

Lifetime Probability Of Default Modeling For Hungarian Corporate Debt Instruments

Tamas Kristof, Miklos Vira

FES 22

The Use Of Econometric Models In The Study Of Demographic Policy Measures (Based On The Example Of Fertility Stimulation In Russia)

Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova

FES 33

The Use Of Cluster Analysis To Assess The Demographic Potential Of Russian Regions

Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova, Irina Shmarova

FES 41

Blind Vs. Embedded Indirect Reciprocity And The Evolution Of Cooperation

Simone Righi, Karoly Takacs

FES 43

Analysis Of The Development Of Strategic Management

Lajos Szabo, Nikolett Deutsch, Tamas Meszaros

FES 57

Intermediary Activities On Decentralized Financial Markets

Daniel Havran, Balazs Arpad Szucs

FES 62

Indexed Bonds With Mean-Reverting Risk Factors

Attila A. Vig, Agnes Vidovics-Dancs

FES 69

Stress Test Modelling Of PD Risk Parameter Under Advanced IRB

Zoltan Pollak, David Popper

FES 76

Combination Of Time-Frequency Representations For Background Noise Suppression

Eva Klejmova, Jitka Pomenkova, Jiri Blumenstein

FES 90

A Margin Calculation Method For Illiquid Products

Marcell Beli, Csilla Szanyi, Kata Varadi

FES 96

Modelling Civil Society’s Transformational Dynamism And Its Potential Effects

Jozsef Veress

FES 98

Determinants Of Fx-Risk Management Evidence Of Hungary

Barbara Doemoetoer, Erzsebet Kovacs

FES 100

Model Of The State And EU Involvement In The Venture Capital Market

Erika Jaki, Endre Mihaly Molnar

FES 102

Factors Associated With Thai Exporter’s Interest In Using New Dawei Deep Seaport 

Kanogkan Leerojanaprapa, Kittiwat  Sirikasemsuk, Komn Bhundarak

FES 104

Valuation Of The Prepayment Option In The Banking Book

Petra  Kalfmann, Janos Szaz, Agnes Vidovics-Dancs

FES 107

Experiments On Risk Perception And Investment Decisions Of Economic Actors

Nora Felfoldi-Szucs, Peter Juhasz

FES 109

Volatility Surface Calibration In Illiquid Market Environment

Laszlo Nagy, Mihaly Ormos

FES 115

Modelling Of Provision Under New International Financial And Reporting Standard (IFRS 9)

Csaba Kadar

FES 118

Enhancing Model Interchangeability For Powerflow Studies: An Example Of A New Hungarian Network Model In Powerfactory And eASiMOV

Balint Hartmann, Hueseyin K. Cakmak, Uwe G. Kuehnapfel, Veit Hagenmeyer


Simulation in Industry, Business, Transport and Services


No More Deadlocks – Applying The Time Window Routing Method To Shuttle Systems

Thomas Lienert, Johannes Fottner


The Worker Allocation Planning Of A Medical Device Distribution Center Using Simulation Modelling

Thananya Wasusri, Kittikhun  Lamsamai


Simulation Of A Queueing Model Useful In Crowdsourcing

Srinivas R. Chakravarthy, Serife Ozkar


3D Simulation Modeling Of Apron Operation In A Container Terminal

Jingjing Yu, Guolei Tang, Da Li, Baoying Mu


Container Terminals Capacity Evaluation Considering Port Service Level Based On Simulation

Ningning Li, Jingjing Yu, Guolei Tang, Da Li, Yong Zhang


Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Of Automotive Parts

Tuanjai Somboonwiwat, Chatkaew Ratcharak, Tuangyot Supeekit


Integrated Modelling Of Complex Processes On Basis Of BPMN

Semyon A. Potryasaev


Modelling And Simullation Of Public Transport Safety And Scheduling Algorithm

Anna Beinarovica, Mikhail Gorobetz, Anatoly Levchenkov


A Design Pattern For Modelling And Simulation In Hospital Pharmacy Management

Wirachchaya Chanpuypetch, Duangpun Kritchancha


Discrete Event Simulation – Production Model In SIMUL8

Jakub Fousek, Martina Kuncova, Jan Fabry


Context-Aware Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing

Janis Grabis, Vineta Minkevica

IBTS 108

A Simulation Optimization Tool For The Metal Accessory Suppliers In The Fashion Industry: A Case Study

Virginia Fani, Romeo Bandinelli, Rinaldo Rinaldi

IBTS 117

An Optimization Of Spray Coating Process To Minimize Coating Material Consumption

Nitchakan Somboonwiwat, Suksan  Prombanpong


Simulation of Intelligent Systems

IS 27

On The Effect Of Neighborhood Schemes And Cell Shape On The Behaviour Of Cellular Automata Applied To The Simulation Of Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Christoph Tholen, Lars Nolle, Oliver Zielinski

IS 67

Application Of Genetic Optimization Algorithms To Lumped Circuit Modelling Of Coupled Planar Coils

Jennifer Schuett, Lars Nolle, Jens Werner

IS 105

Automatic Beam Hardening Correction For CT Reconstruction

Marina Chukalina, Anastasia Ingacheva, Alexey Buzmakov, Igor Polyakov, Andrey Gladkov, Ivan Yakimchuk, Dmitry P. Nikolaev

IS 111

An Intelligent Winch Prototyping Tool

Robin T. Bye, Ottar L. Osen, Webjoern  Rekdalsbakken, Birger Skogeng  Pedersen, Ibrahim A. Hameed

IS 120

Russian License Plate Segmentation Based On Dynamic Time Warping

Mikhail A. Povolotskiy, Elena G. Kuznetsova, Timur M.  Khanipov

IS 125

Evolutionary Winch Design Using An Online Winch

Prototyping Tool

Ibrahim A. Hameed, Robin T. Bye, Ottar L. Osen, Birger Skogeng Pedersen

IS 127

SHADE Mutation Strategy Analysis Via Dynamic Simulation In Complex Network

Adam Viktorin, Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek, Tomas Kadavy

IS 128

Uncovering Communication Density In PSO Using Complex Network

Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik, Adam Viktorin, Tomas Kadavy

IS 129

Firework Algorithm Dynamics Simulated And Analyzed With The Aid Of Complex Network

Tomas Kadavy, Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik, Adam Viktorin

IS 130

Simulation Of Chaotic Dynamics For Chaos Based Optimization – An Extended Study

Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek, Adam Viktorin,
Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova, Tomas Kadavy

IS 131

Different Approaches For Constant Estimation In Analytic Programming 

Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova, Adam Viktorin, Roman Senkerik,

Tomas Urbanek


Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes


Modeling Of Continuous Ethanol Fermentation In Ideal Mixing Column Bioreactor

Georgi Kostov, Ivan Petelkov, Rositsa  Denkova, Vesela  Shopska, Zapryana  Denkova, Bogdan  Goranov, Vasil Iliev

MCT 14

Predictive Control Of Two-Input Two-Output System With Non-Minimum Phase

Marek Kubalcik, Vladimir  Bobal,   Tomas Barot

MCT 18

Verification Of Robust Properties Of Digital Control Closed- Loop Systems

Vladimir Bobal, Lubos Spacek, Peter Hornak

MCT 28

Modeling Of Corn Ears By Discrete Element Method (DEM)

Adam Kovacs, Gyoergy  Kerenyi

MCT 42

Optimal Control With Disturbance Estimation

Frantisek Dusek, Daniel Honc, Rahul Sharma K.

MCT 46

Modelling And Model Predictive Control Of Magnetic Levitation Laboratory Plant

Petr Chalupa, Jakub Novak, Martin  Maly

MCT 47

Predictive Control Of A Series Of Multiple Liquid Tanks Substituted By A Single Dynamics With Time-Delay

Stanislav Talas, Vladimir Bobal, Adam Krhovjak, Lukas Rusar

MCT 48

Compensation Of Valve Deadzone Using Mixed Integer Predictive Control

Jakub Novak, Petr Chalupa

MCT 50

State-Space Predictive Control Of Inverted Pendulum Model

Lukas Rusar, Adam Krhovjak, Stanislav Talas, Vladimir Bobal

MCT 55

1DOF Gain Scheduled PH Control Of CSTR

Adam Krhovjak, Stanislav Talas, Lukas Rusar

MCT 70

Design Of A Simple Bandpass Filter Of A Third Octave Equalizer

Martin Pospisilik

MCT 73

LQ Digital Control Of Ball & Plate System

Lubos Spacek, Vladimir Bobal, Jiri Vojtesek

MCT 80

An Embedded System Implementation Of A Predictive Control Algorithm For A Bioprocess

Florin Stinga, Marius Marian, Valentin Kese, Lucian Barbulescu, Emil Petre

MCT 84

Wireless Radiation Monitoring System

Camelia Avram, Silviu Folea, Dan Radu, Adina Astilean

MCT 88

SIMTONIA – A Framework Of Simulation Tools For Nuclear Industrial Applications

Jozsef Pales, Aron Vecsi, Gabor Hazi

MCT 89

Nuclear Industrial Applications Of SIMTONIA

Jozsef Pales, Aron Vecsi, Gabor Hazi

MCT 99

CAE/VR Integration – A Path To Follow? A Validation Based On Industrial Use

Holger Graf, Andre Stork

MCT 101

Simulation Study Of 1DOF Hybrid Adaptive Control Applied On Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Jiri Vojtesek, Lubos Spacek, Petr Dostal

MCT 103

Teaching Process Modelling And Simulation At Tomas Bata University In Zlin Using MATLAB And Simulink

Frantisek Gazdos

MCT 112

Biometric Identification Of Persons

Milan Adamek, Petr Neumann, Dora Lapkova, Martin Pospisilik, Miroslav Matysek


HIPMOS-DIS High Performance Modelling and Simulation

DIS 11

Computer Intensive Vs. Heuristic Methods In Automated Design Of Elevator Systems

Armando Tacchella, Leopoldo Annunziata, Marco Menapace

DIS 53

Extension Of Bank Application Scoring Model With Big Data Analysis

Laszlo Madar

DIS 58

Improving Message Delivery In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Nnamdi Anyameluhor, Evtim Peytchev, Javad Akhlaghinia

DIS 60

Supporting Pension Pre-Calculation With Dynamic Microsimulation Technologies

David Burka, Laszlo Mohacsi, Jozsef Csicsman, Benjamin Soos

DIS 75

Data Fusion In Cloud Computing:Big Data Approach

Piotr Szuster, Jose M. Molina, Jesus Garcia-Herrero, Joanna Kolodziej

DIS 95

Profiling And Rating Prediction From Multi-Criteria Crowd-Sourced Hotel Ratings

Fatima Leal, Horacio Gonzalez–Velez, Benedita Malheiro, Juan Carlos Burguillo

DIS 110

Security Supportive Energy Aware

Scheduling and Scaling for Cloud


Agnieszka Jakobik, Daniel Grzonka, Joanna Kolodziej

DIS 122

A Low-cost Distributed IoT-based

Augmented Reality Interactive Simulator

for Team Training

Pietro Piazzolla, Marco Gribaudo, Simone Colombo, Davide Manca, Mauro Iacono

DIS 123

Performance Evaluation Of

Massively Distributed

Microservices Based Applications

Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono, Daniele Manini

DIS 126

Modeling A Session-Based Bots’ Arrival Process At A Web Server

Grazyna Suchacka, Daria Wotzka


Modelling Of The Underwater Targets Tracking With The Aid Of Pseudomeasurements Kalman Filter

Boris M. Miller, Alexander E. Miller


Approaches To Stochastic Modeling Of Wind Turbines

Migran N. Gevorkyan, Anastasiya V. Demidova, Ivan S. Zaryadov, Robert A. Sobolewski, Anna V. Korolkova, Dmitry S. Kulyabov, Leonid A. Sevastianov


Bounds For Markovian Queues With Possible Catastrophes

Alexander Zeifman, Anna Korotysheva, Yacov Satin, Ksenia  Kiseleva, Victor Korolev, Sergey Shorgin


Two-Sided Truncations For Mt/Mt/S Queueing Model

Yacov Satin, Anna Korotysheva, Galina Shilova, Alexander Sipin, Elena Fokicheva, Alexander Zeifman, Ksenia Kiseleva, Victor Korolev, Sergey Shorgin


Generalized Gamma Distributions As Mixed Exponential Laws And Related Limit Theorems

Victor Korolev, Andrey Gorshenin, Alexander Korchagin, Alexander Zeifman


System Performance Of A Variable-Capacity Batch-Service Queue With Geometric Service Times And Customer-Based Correlation

Jens Baetens, Bart Steyaert, Dieter Claeys, Herwig Bruneel


Modelling For Ensuring Information Security Of The Distributed Information Systems

Alexander A. Grusho, Elena E.  Timonina, Sergey Ya. Shorgin


On Asymptotic Approximations To The Distributions Of Statistics Constructed From Samples With Random Sizes

Vladimir Bening, Victor Korolev, Alexander Zeifman


Using Inter-Arrival Times For Scheduling In Non-Observable Queues

Mikhail Konovalov, Rostislav Razumchik


Infinite-Server Queueing Tandem With MMPP Arrivals And Random Capacity Of Customers

Aleksander Moiseev, Svetlana Moiseeva, Ekaterina Lisovskaya


Analysis Of Unreliable Multi-Server Queueing System With Breakdowns Spread And Quarantine

Alexander Dudin, Sergei Dudin, Olga Dudinx, Konstantin Samouylov


Asymptotic Analysis Of Markovian Retrial Queue With Two-Way Communication Under Low Rate Of Retrials Condition

Anatoly Nazarov, Svetlana Paul, Irina Gudkova


Modelling Of Vertical Handover From Untrusted Wlan Network To LTE

Elvira Zaripova, Konstantin Samouylov, Alexander Roslyakov, Alexander  Grebeshkov


Modeling And Simulation Of Reliability Function Of A Homogeneous Hot Double Redundant Repairable System

Vladimir Rykov, Dmitry Kozyrev, Elvira Zaripova


Modelling And Response Time Analysis For Web Browsing Under Interruptions In LTE Network

Evgeny Mokrov, Eduard Sopin, Ekaterina Markova, Dmitry Poluektov, Irina Gudkova, Pavel Masek, Jiri Hosek


On An Exact Solution Of The Rate Matrix Of Quasi-Birth-Death Process With Small Number Of Phases

Alexander Rumyantsev, Rama Murthy Garimella


SIR Distribution In D2D Environment With Non-Stationary Mobility Of Users

Sergey Fedorov, Yurii Orlov, Andrey Samuylov, Dmitri Moltchanov, Yuliya Gaidamaka, Konstantin Samouylov, Sergey Shorgin


Time-Dependent SIR Modeling For D2D Communications In Indoor Deployments

Yurii Orlov, Dmitry Zenyuk, Andrey Samuylov, Dmitri Moltchanov, Sergey Andreev, Oxana Romashkova, Yuliya Gaidamaka, Konstantin Samouylov


Simulation and Optimization


Application Of Two Phase Multi-Objective Optimization To Design Of Biosensors Utilizing Cyclic Substrate Conversion

Linas Litvinas, Romas Baronas, Antanas Zilinskas


Evidence Of The Relevance Of Master Production Scheduling For Hierarchical Production Planning

Thorsten Vitzthum, Frank Herrmann


Influence Of Random Orders On The Bullwhip Effect

Hans-Peter Barbey


A Discrete Element Model For Agricultural Decision Support

Adam Kovacs, Janos Peter Radics, Gyoergy Kerenyi


Integrated Optimization Of Transportation And Supply Concepts In The Automotive Industry

Corinna Maas, Andreas Tisch, Carsten Intra, Johannes Fottner


Modeling And Simulation Of Cooperation And Learning In Cyber Security Defense Teams

Rina Mary Mazza, Pasquale Legato


Numerical Discrete Element Simulation Of Soil Direct Shear Test

Krisztian Kotrocz, Gyoergy Kerenyi


Modelling Preference Ties And Equal Treatment Policy

Kolos Cs. Agoston, Peter Biro


Calibration Of Railway Ballast Dem Model

Akos Orosz, Janos P. Radics, Kornel Tamas

SIMO 114

Backbone Strategy For Continuous Optimization

Thomas Husslein, Michael Feldmeier

SIMO 119

Generation Algorithms Of Fast Generalized Hough Transform

Egor I. Ershov, Evgeny A. Shvets, Timur M. Khanipov, Dmitry P. Nikolaev





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