32nd EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation

ISSN 2522-2422 (ONLINE) - ISSN 2522-2414 (Print) - ISSN 2522-2430 (CD-ROM)

ECMS 2018

May 22nd - May 25th, 2018
Wilhelmshaven, Germany


List of Accepted Papers

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 Jade Hochschule of Applied Science Wilhelmshaven


Banter See, Haven, Part of the city
ŠJade University


Kaiser -Wilhelm-Bridge
ens Werner


Kaiser -Wilhelm-Bridge
ens Werner



Kaiser -Wilhelm-Bridge
ens Werner











Invited Talk


Algorithms for Simulation-Based Optimization Problems
Thomas Baeck


Building Adaptive Data Mining Models On Streaming Data  In Real-Time, An Outlook On Challenges, Approaches And Ongoing Research
Frederic Theodor Stahl


Finance and Economics and Social Science (FES)

FES 796

Developing And Calibrating An ABM Of The Property Listing Task
Enrice Canessa, Sergio E. Chaigneau, Carlos Barra

FES 798

Econometric Modelling Of Time Series Relationship Between Fertility And Income For The Russian Population: Methodological Issues
Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova

FES 802

Dynamics Of Volatility Spillover Between Stock And Foreign Exchange Market: Empirical Evidence From Central And Eastern European Countries
by Ngo Thai Hung

FES 811

Fuzzy Logic Modelling Of The Russian Demographic Space
by Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat, Alexander Akishev

FES 818

Options With Stochastic Strike Prices
by Janos Szaz, Agnes Vidovics-Dancs

FES 819

Competitiveness And Finance Of Supply Chains: Considerations On Optimisation
by Peter Juhasz, Janos Szaz, Sandor Misik

FES 820

Healthcare Demand Simulation Model
by Bozena Mielczarek, Jacek Zabawa

FES 834

The Effects Of Model Selection On The Guarantees On Target Volatility Funds
by Gabor Kondor

FES 840

Review Of Global Industry Classification
by Laszlo Nagy, Mihaly Ormos

FES 842

Supplementation Of The Regulation Of Anti-Cyclical Margin Measures
by Csilla Szanyi, Melinda Szorodai, Kata Varadi


Simulation in Industry, Business, Transport and Services (IBTS)

IBTS 804

Simulation Of An Order Picking System In A Manufacturing Supermarket Using Collaborative Robots
by Fabio Coelho, Susana Relvas, Ana P. Barbosa-Povoa

IBTS 853

Statistical Evaluation Of Emergency Service Demand In Electric Power Distribution Utilities
by Guilherme de Oliveira da Silva, Vinicius Jacques Garcia, Lynceo Falavigna Braghirolli

IBTS 857

Simulation Based Analysis Of Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Process To Support Process Redesign
by Janis Grabis, Zane Grabe


Simulation of Intelligent Systems (IS)

IS 799

Behavior Tree Based Knowledge Reasoning For Intelligent Vessels In Maritime Traffic Simulations
by Volker Golluecke, Daniel Lange, Axel Hahn, Soeren Schweigert

IS 806

Comparative Analysis Of Metamodeling Techniques Based On An Agent-Based Supply Chain Model
by Mert Edali, Gonenc Yucel

IS 835

Blind Search Patterns For Off-Line Path Planning
by Tarek A. El-Mihoub, Christoph Tholen
, Lars Nolle

IS 841

Realtime Simulation And 3D-Visualisation Of Surface And Underwater Vehicles For Monitoring And Evaluating Autonomous Missions
by Tobias Theuerkauff, Yves Wagner, Frank Wallhoff

IS 856

Model Checking Knowledge And Commitments In Multi-Agent Systems Using Actors And UPPAAL
by Christian Nigro, Libero Nigro, Paolo F. Sciammarella

IS 861 Pseudo Neural Networks Via Analytic Programming With Direct Coding Of Constant Estimation
by Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova, Adam Viktorin, Roman Senkerik
IS 865 Study On Velocity Clamping In PSO Using CEC'13 Benchmark
by Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik, Adam Viktorin, Tomas Kadavy

IS 866

Tuning Of The Bison Algorithm Control Parameters
by Anezka Kazikova, Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik

IS 867

Comparative Study Of The Distance/Improvement Based SHADE
by Adam Viktorin, Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek, Tomas Kadavy

IS 868

Boundary Strategies For Firefly Algorithm Analysed Using CEC`17 Benchmark
by Tomas Kadavy, Michal Pluhacek, Adam Viktorin, Roman Senkerik

IS 869

A Review On The Simulation of Social Networks Inside Heuristic Algorithms
by Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek, Adam Viktorin, Tomas Kadavy, Jakub Janostik, Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova

IS 871

Mapping Of Enclosed Buildings Using Mobile Radio Tomography
by Anastasia Ingacheva, Vladislav Kokhan, Dmitry Osipov

IS 877

On A Novel Search Strategy Based On A Combination Of Particle Swarm Optimisation And Levy-Flight
by Christoph Tholen, Tarek A. El-Mihoub, Lars Nolle

IS 882

Predicting System Level ESD Performance
by Guido Notermans, Sergej Bub, Ayk Hilbrink


Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes (MCT)

MCT 797

MATLAB Toolbox For Self-Tuning Predictive Control Of Time-Delayed Systems
by Radek Holis, Vladimir Bobal

MCT 801

New Approach To Modelling The Kinetics Of The Fermentation Process In Cultivation Of Lactic Acid Bacteria
by Georgi Kostov, Rositsa Denkova-Kostova, Vesela Shopska, Petar Nedyalkov, Zapryana Denkova, Bogdan Goranov, Vasil Iliev, Kristina Ivanova, Desislava Teneva

MCT 836

A Variable Detail Model Simulation Methodology For Cyber-Physical Systems
by T.G. Broenink, J.F. Broenink

MCT 837

Ball & Plate Model For Robotic System
by Lubos Spacek, Jiri Vojtesek
, Frantisek Gazdos, Tomas Kadavy

MCT 839

Multimodel Approach In State-Space Predictive Control
by Lukas Rusar, Vladimir Bobal

MCT 843

Control Of Temperature Inside Plug-Flow Tubular Chemical Reactor Using 1DOF And 2DOF Adaptive Controllers
by Jiri Vojtesek, Lubos Spacek, Frantisek Gazdos

MCT 863

A Matlab-Based Simulation Tool For The Analysis Of Unsymmetrical Power System Transients In Large Networks
by Michael Kyesswa, Hueseyin K. Cakmak, Uwe Kuehnapfel, Veit Hagenmeyer


Simulation of Fluid-Mechanically Effective Microstructures and Combustion Processes (SFMC)

SFMC 828

Towards Immersed Boundary Methods For Complex Roughness Structures In Scale-Resolving Simulations
by Konrad M. Hartung, Philipp Gilge, Florian Herbst

SFMC 831

Numerical Supported Design Of Continuously Adapted Riblets For Viscous Drag Reduction On A NREL Wind Turbine Airfoil
by Karsten Oehlert, Jan H. Haake, Konrad M. Hartung

SFMC 860


Optimization Of The Plant Control Systems At Wilhelmshaven Power Plant Based On Coal Mill Models And State Controllers
by Nicolas Mertens, Henning Zindler, Uwe Krueger, Marc-Hendrik Prabucki


Multiphysical Finite Element Simulation (M-FEM)

MFEM 807

Modeling And Simulation Of Bioheat Powered Subcutaneous Thermoelectric Generator
by Ujjwal Verma, Jakob Bernhardt, Dennis Hohlfeld

MFEM 816

Multiphysics Modeling And Simulation Of A Dual Frequency Energy Harvester
by Sofiane Bouhedma, Yuhang Zheng, Dennis Hohlfeld

MFEM 833

Parametric Model Order Reduction Of Induction Heating System
by Ananya Roy, M. Nabi


Finite - Discrete - Element Simulation (FDEM)

FDEM 854

Coupling Finite And Discrete Element Methods Using An Open Source And A Commercial Software
by Akos Orosz, Kornel Tamas, Janos P. Radics, Peter T. Zwierczyk

FDEM 855

Coupled DEM-FEM Simulation On Maize Harvesting
by Adam Kovacs, Peter T. Zwierczyk

FDEM 859

Investigation The Effect Of The Model Dimension In Soil-Cone Penetrometer Discrete Element Simulations
by Krisztian Kotrocz, Gyoergy Kerenyi

FDEM 875

Automatic Calibration Of Discrete Element Models
by Ferenc Safranyik, Istvan Keppler

FDEM 881

Investigation Of Soil-Sweep Interaction In Laboratory Soil Bin And Modelling With Discrete Element Method
by Kornel Tamas, Zsofia Olah, Lilla Racz-Szabo, Zoltan Hudoba


HIPMOS-DIS High Performance Modelling and Simulation + PROBSTAT

DIS 815

Concrete vs. Symbolic Simulation To Assess Cyber-Resilience Of Control Systems
by Giuseppina Murino, Armando Tacchella

DIS 847

Performance Optimisation Of Edge Computing Homeland Security Support Applications
by Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono, Agnieszka Jakobik, Joanna Kolodziej

DIS 848

Anchor Placement In Indoor Object Tracking Systems0 For Virtual Reality Simulations
by Marco Gribaudo, Pietro Piazzolla, Mauro Iacono

DIS 850

New Fuzzy Numbers Comparison Operators In Energy Effectiveness Simulation And Modeling Systems
by Wojciech T. Dobrosielski, Jacek M. Czerniak, Hubert Zarzycki, Janusz Szczepanski

DIS 872

Stackelberg Game-Based Models In Energy-Aware Cloud Scheduling
by Damian Fernandez-Cerero, Alejandro Fernandez-Montes, Agnieszka Jakobik, Joanna Kolodziej

DIS 873

ANN-Based Secure Task Scheduling In Computational Clouds
by Jacek Tchorzewski, Ana Respicio, Joanna Kolodziej

DIS 874

Efficiency Analysis Of Resource Request Patterns In Classification Of Web Robots And Humans
by Grazyna Suchacka, Igor Motyka


Simulation Of Large-Scale Queueing Systems
by Sergey A. Vasilyev, Galina Tsareva


Global And Local Synchronization In Parallel Space-Aware Applications
by Franco Cicirelli, Agostino Forestiero, Andrea Giordano, Carlo Mastroianni, Rostislav V. Razumchik


Software Package For The Active Queue Management Module Model Verification
by Tatyana R. Velieva, Anna V. Korolkova, Migran N. Gevorkyan,  Sergey A. Vasilyev, Ivan S. Zaryadov, Dmitry S. Kulyabov


Simulation Of The Limited Resources Queuing System For Performance Analysis Of Wireless Networks
by Eduard Sopin, Kirill Ageev, Sergey Shorgin


Simulation and Optimization (SIMO)

SIMO 800

Process Optimization In "Smart" Companies Through Condition Monitoring
by Frank Morelli, Jan-Felix Mehret, Thorsten Weidt, Moustafa Elazhary

SIMO 808

A Domain-Specific Language For Routing Problems
by Benjamin Hoffmann, Michael Guckert, Thomas Farrenkopf, Kevin Chalmers, Neil Urquhart

SIMO 809

Positivity And Stability Of Descriptor Continuous-Time Linear Systems With Interval State Matrices
by Tadeusz Kaczorek

SIMO 812

Web-Based Simulation Of Production Schedules With High-Level Petri Nets
by Carlo Simon

SIMO 817

Minimisation Of Network Covering Services With Predefined Centres
by Milos Seda, Pavel Seda

SIMO 822

Finite Element Modelling Of Pacemaker Electrode For Time Varying Excitation
by Shifali Kalra, M. Nabi

SIMO 823

Improved TPWL Based Nonlinear MOR For Fast Simulation Of Large Circuits
by Ammu Chathukulam,  Debashree Sarkar, Shifali Kalra, M. Nabi

SIMO 824

Diode Model Generation For Simulation Of Harmonic Distortion
by Jennifer Schuett, Jens Werner, Ayk Hilbrink

SIMO 826

Quality Evaluation Of Models And Polymodel Complexes: Subject-Object Approach
by Boris Sokolov, Vladislav Sobolevsky, Stanislav Mikoni, Valerii Zakharov,
Ekaterina Rostova

SIMO 829

Optimal Planning For Purchase And Storage With Multiple Transportation Types For Concentrated Latex Under Age-Dependent Constraint
by Tuanjai Somboonwiwat, Sutthinee Klomsae, Walailak Atthirawong

SIMO 832

Using DEMATEL To Explore The Relationship Of Factors Affecting Consumers’ Behaviors In Buying Green Products
by Walailak Atthirawong, Wariya Panprung, Kanogkan Leerojanaprapa

SIMO 838

Solving Location Problem For Vehicle Identification Sensors To Observe And Estimate Path Flows In Large-Scale Networks
by Pegah T. Yazdi, Yousef Shafahi

SIMO 844

Master Production Scheduling With Integrated Aspects Of Personnel Planning And Consideration Of Employee Utilization Specific Processing Times
by Marco Trost

SIMO 852

Assessing Crop Rotation Sustainability Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
by Saturnina Fabian Nisperos, Frederic D. McKenzie

SIMO 876

Ground Vehicle Localization With Particle Filter Based On Simulated Road Marking Image
by Oleg Shipitko, Anton Grigoryev

SIMO 879

Thermistor Problem: Multi-Dimensional Modelling, Optimization And Approximation
by Ciro D'Apice, Umberto De Maio, Peter I. Kogut





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