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The conference will be held at the Hotel Mercure Marseille Euro-Centre. There are a number of websites linked to the hotel, of which the above and the following are the ones with most information.

- Hotels in Marseille

- Tourisme de Congres

The hotel is right next to the CMCI and close to the Canebiere and the chamber of commerce. Part of the Bourse mall, the hotel overflows the famous "Vieux-Port"and the "Jardin des Vestiges. The hotel offers 199 guest rooms. Also available: bar, restaurant, 12 meeting rooms for 300 people. Pets are allowed, car park available. To give you an idea of how it looks I added some pictures

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from the other side: h1744207.jpg (11695 bytes)

82_2.jpg (10744 bytes) a typical room

The physical location of the hotel is denoted by the following maps

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Hotel Contact information: Hotel Mercure Marseille Euro-Centre, Rue Neuve Saint Martin, Marseille, France. Tel: + Fax: +

You can book a room by using this form.

To give you an idea of Marseille and its surroundings I have added some links about the area.

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- City information about Marseille, with good links and maps

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- Best of City - Marseille, which is a good portal site for Marseille

Marseille sur Web, another portal site.

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- Marseille under CityVox : a more general city guide

I have also linked a nice map to give you an overview of the surrounding area.

More maps can be found on on the following page.

To use the subway I have linked the following two pages:

A scanned subway plan of Marseille

and from , the metro map of Marseille.


How to get to Marseille

By Train

I have linked the SNCF website where you can make your train-travel arrangements.

By Plane

I have linked the Air France website where you can make your air-travel arrangements.



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