October 26-29, 2003
Delft, The Netherlands




Simulation Methodologies, Methods and Techniques
Discrete and combined discrete/continuous, simulation methodology; Modelling formalisms (like DEVS and DAE); Visual modelling; Methods and techniques in simulation and optimization; Validation and verification techniques; Parallel processing in simulation systems; Artificial Intelligence in simulation; Intelligent simulation and optimization in Internet Environments; Multi-paradigm or multi-tool simulation.
- As part of the Simulation Methodologies track, there is a special minitrack on:
Applied Optimization and AI to Organization Systems

Discrete Simulation Languages and Tools
Discrete simulation languages; Object oriented modeling languages; UML and simulation; Model libraries and modularity; Component-oriented simulation; Special simulation tools and environments; Meta-models and automatic model generation; Graphical simulation environments and simulation software tools; Intelligent simulation environments; Database management of models and results; Java and Web enabled simulations.

Simulation in Business, Economy, Finance and Commerce
Macroeconomic systems simulations; Simulation of national economies; Microsimulation models of the household and enterprise sector; Business process engineering and simulation; Computer communication networks in business and finance; Simulation in finance and risk management; Simulation in finance and financial services; Simulation in service industries; Dynamic business objects; Simulation in workflow; management games; Simulation in project management; Simulation and decision support in social policy, industrial policy and regional development; Simulating information systems and database processes; Geographic information systems; Performance modeling of information systems and data bases; ERP; CRM; data mining.

Simulation in Manufacturing
Simulation of Production and Logistic Systems, Virtual Engineering, Digital / Virtual Factories, Virtual Production and Manufacturing Simulation Support Tools, MRP Systems, Process Design and Control, Embedded Intelligent Control Systems, Scheduling, Automotive Simulation, Robotics and Automation, State-of-the-art Applications, Simulation Frameworks, Modeling Architectures, e-Simulation Services.

Simulation in Electronics, Computers and Telecom
Modeling and simulation of analogue circuits; Modeling and simulation of digital circuits at switch and/or at logic level; Hardware accelerators for circuit-level simulation; Hardware accelerators for logic simulation; Distributed simulation of circuits, components, and systems; Modeling and simulation of computer systems; Fault simulation; Parallel and distributed systems; High-speed networks; Network simulation software; Computer and telecommunication systems; Telecommunication devices and systems; Intelligent telecommunication networks; ISDN; ATM communications. 

Simulation in Logistics, Traffic and Transport
Logistic Supply Chains; Supply Chain Management; Inbound logistics; Materials management; Physical distribution; Production planning and control; Outbond logistics; Simulation of regional logistic systems; Distribution centers; Inventory management; Warehouse decisions; Materials handling and packaging; Logistics network design and facility location; Traffic flows; Multi-modal systems; Air, water, and land transportation; Transit; Transportation modes; City transport; Transportation in logistics; Transportation management; Traffic control; Traffic telematics; Traffic performance; safety.

Simulation in Military Applications
Modeling and Simulation in warfare; Strategic, tactical simulations; Theater simulations; Hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

Adjacent workshop DS-RT'2003
Just before the ESS conference, the 7th IEEE DS-RT'2003 International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications will take place from 23-25 October at Delft University of Technology as well. If you are working in the field of distributed simulation or real-time simulation, joining both conferences will save travel costs and time! The website of DS-RT'2003 is http://www.cs.unibo.it/ds-rt2003/ 

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