October 26-29, 2003
Delft, The Netherlands


Welcome Reception
Sunday, 26 October, 17:00 - 19:00

The welcome reception takes place in Restaurant Johannes Vermeer in Delft. During the welcome reception you will be able to register for the conference and be one of the first to have a look at the proceedings of the conference. Besides, the place offers you a view at several paintings of one of the most famous Dutch painters of the 17th century, Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer's composition and dividing of space were of a true master. Often he painted home- and sun lighted sceneries. People were painted, busy with daily routines like writing, reading and composing. The, by Vermeer painted, daily existence, creates a good image of life in Delft during the 17th century.

The hotel / restaurant was opened in 2000, after a long period of restoration to retrieve as much as possible of the original status. The pictures underneath show you some of the beauty of this place, but we welcome you to come to the opening reception to have a closer look.

Address: Molslaan 18-22, 2611 RM, Delft (phone +31 15-2126466)

Conference Dinner
Tuesday, 28 October, 19:00 - 22:00

The conference dinner will take place in Stadscafe De Waag. De Waag is just behind the town hall (see photo) on the main square (Markt) in the center of Delft. De Waag used to be the weighing house of the city of Delft, and the building dates from 1200. The right to have a weighing house was one of the first rights that Delft got in the Middle ages when it got its city rights. All merchants needed to have goods heavier than 10 pounds weighed here, in order to stimulate fair trade. Since 1999 the building houses a restaurant.

Address: Markt 11, 2611 GP, Delft (phone: +31 15 213 03 93)

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