October 26-29, 2003
Delft, The Netherlands




Delft University of Technology 

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is the second largest technical university in Western Europe with 12 Faculties, a teaching and research staff of 1400, a support staff of 2400, and 13000 students. The university belongs to the leading technical universities in Europe.

Conference site

The conference will be held in the Auditorium and Conference Center (Aula) of Delft University of Technology. The conference center is housed in an easy to recognize building.

Travel information

Delft is located between The Hague and Rotterdam. Delft University of Technology is located in the south of Delft (see maps)

By air via Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Airport is one of the major international airports of Europe. The airport is situated near Amsterdam. A large number of airlines fly on Schiphol Airport. From Schiphol Airport, take a train via Leiden and Den Haag HS to Delft (either change trains in Leiden or in Den Haag HS). Travel time is about 50 minutes. 

By air via Rotterdam Airport
You can also consider flying to Rotterdam Airport, which is considerably smaller, and very close to Delft. From Rotterdam Airport, either take a taxi (20 minutes), or take bus 33 to Rotterdam Central Station (every 10 minutes, travel time 20 minutes) and a train from Rotterdam to Delft (15 minutes).

By car to Town Center
Take the A13 Motorway (Amsterdam - The Hague - Rotterdam), exit Delft - Pijnacker". The A13 is at the top of the map on the maps page.

By car to Delft University
Take the A13 Motorway (Amsterdam - The Hague - Rotterdam), exit "Delft Zuid". From that moment on, follow signs to "Delft TU", not, "Delft Zuid".  Free parking is available at the University complex, see Parking map on the maps page.

By train
By train to railway station "Delft" (not "Delft-Zuid") from the direction Rotterdam / Dordrecht and from the direction Amsterdam / Schiphol / The Hague. 

  • If you come from Schiphol Airport or from Amsterdam, you usually have to change trains in "Leiden Central" or "Den Haag HS". 
  • If you come from Belgium / France, you change trains in "Rotterdam CS" for an express train (sneltrein) or a local train (stoptrein) to Delft.
  • If you come from Germany via Utrecht, you change trains in either "Rotterdam CS" or "Den Haag CS" for an express train (sneltrein) or a local train (stoptrein) to Delft. The routes via Rotterdam and The Hague have approximately the same length.

Train schedules can be obtained from Dutch Railroads or the German Railroads (both are planners for entire Europe).

Transport in Delft
Almost all  busses stop at Delft railway station. There is a tram to the south of Delft and to The Hague. Furthermore, you can take a taxi from railway station Delft to any destination in Delft. Please note that taxis are quite expensive in The Netherlands.

Local bus from railway station Delft to the University complex
You can take the following busses to the University:

  • Local bus nr. 64 (direction Delftse Hout, stop Michiel de Ruyterweg)
  • Local bus nr. 66 (direction Delfgauw, stop Michiel de Ruyterweg)
  • Local bus nr. 63 (direction Delft Zuid, stop Aula TU)
  • Local bus nr. 69 (direction Delft TU, stop Aula TU)
  • Regional bus nr. 121 to Zoetermeer  (stop Aula TU)
  • Regional bus nr. 129 to Rotterdam (stop Aula TU)
  • Busses 60 and 64 go through the town center.
  • Busses 63 and 69 go mainly in the rush hours.
  • The stop Aula TU is in front of the conference center (cross the road when you .
  • When stopping at the Michiel de Ruyterweg, follow the street in the direction of the bus at the stop (Mekelweg); the conference center is on your left after 250 m.

All busses, trams, and metro systems in The Netherlands use one system for payment, the so-called "Strippenkaart". Please look at this page if you plan to use buses and/or trams in The Netherlands.


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