This paper presents the design of an expandable simulation language in which rigid and deformable multibody systems are simulated from our abstacted model of physical objects. This new model called {\sc dream} (Deformable and Rigid objects Efficient for simulAtion Modelling) makes the simulation of rigid and deformable interconnected objects easy to design and to implement.

{\sc dream} model consists in a unified abstracted model based on an entity relationship formalism. Traditionnal physically based models such as rigid solids and deformable objects (described by finite elements or by punctual mass-spring meshes) come from this common formalism. That is why our system integrates and unifies the physical models used in mutibody systems simulation.Then the motion equations are automatically computed in a symbolic form by applying the principle of virtual works and Lagrange's equations. Theoretical, numerical and practical aspects of the model implementation and we present some experimental results.


Name : Cozot Remi
Address : IRISA
campus universitaire de Beaulieu
35042 RENNES cedex
Present employer : IRISA-INRIA
Duties or Job : PhD student
Highlights about my present work :
I work on the design of simulation platform of physics (mechanics) models. It requires: the definition of an integrated multibody model, algorithm in order to obtain motion equation, but also distributed real-time simulation.

Past employent : design engineer at Dassault design of real-time embedded software for tactical environnement analysis by the Rafale military aircraft

Education :
PhD Thesis student (Universiti de Rennes, since 1994)
Certificate of ability to carry out Research (DEA Universite de Poitiers, september 1992)
Engineering Diploma in Aeronautics (Ecole Nationale de Mecanique et d'Aeronautique, june 1991)