A.Alan B.Pritsker is President and CEO of Pritsker Corporation. Pritsker Corporation was founded in 1973 and currently employs 45 people located in West Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana. he graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. In 1961 he obtained a PhD from Ohio State University. From 1956 through 1962 Dr.Pritsker worked for Batelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. From 1962 through 1969, he was a Professor at Arizona State University, from 1969-1970, a professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and from 1970-1981, a professor at Purdue University.

Dr.Pritsker has been a consultant to the Rand Corporation, General Electric, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Motorola Inc., DVR Corporation and many others. Throughout his career, he has worked on may applied projects which have provided the inputs for his modelling and technique developments.

Dr.Pritsker has published over 150 technical papers. In addition, he has authored or co-authored the following nine books: Papers *Experiences* Perspectives, SLAM II Network Models for decision Support, TESS; The Extended Simulation Support System, Introduction to Simulation and SLAMM II (3rd edition), Management Decision Making; A Network Simulation Approach, The GASP IV Simulation Language, Simulation Using GASP_PL/I, Modeling and Analysis Using Q-GERT Networks (2nd edition); and Simulation Using GASP II.

Dr.Pritsker is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. he received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Arizona State University in May 1992. He is holder of AIIE's Distinguished Research Division Award (1966), AIIE's H.B.Maynard Innovative Achievement Award (1978), AIIE's Operations Research Division Award (1978), IIE's Gilbreth Award, 1991, TIMS/College on Simulation Distinguished Service Award (1991) and Arizona State's University Faculty Achievement Award (1967). he is listed in Who's Who in America and EJC Engineers of Distinction. he is a member of ACM, AIDS, IIE, ORSA, PMI, TIMS and senior Member of SCS.