Passau, Germany, October 19-22, 1997
Design Concepts for Web-enabled Simulation Environments
Giuseppe Iazeolla and Andrea D'Ambrogio
Laboratory for Computer Science and CERTIA Research Center
University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Roma (Italy)
E-mail: iazeolla@info.utovrm.it


The effort to develop a simulation application can be in many circumstances drastically reduced by enabling the user to access a similar model already developed elsewhere, customize it at his site, and run the customized model by accessing a simulation tool available elsewhere. For example, a user residing at site A might wish to develop a large simulation model SM and run it by the simulation tool ST not available in A. By use of the Web, the user may find out that a similar model has already been developed at site B and that at site C there exists the simulation tool ST. The proposed Web-enabled simulation environment helps the user residing in A, to:

  1. find out which types of SMs or STs exist elsewhere on the Internet
  2. download the interesting SM from site B to site A
  3. customize SM into SM' at site A
  4. run SM' by accessing ST at site C.

The paper introduces a Java and CORBA-based architecture for the Web-enabled simulation environment, and presents a prototype environment for queueing network simulation models and QNAP2 simulation tools.

Dynamic Vision for Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles
Ernst D. Dickmanns
Federal Armed Forces University Munich, Germany

Prof. Dr. E.D. Dickmanns just received the Philip Morris Research Award for his outstanding research contributions to the field of cognitive intelligent systems.

Dr. Dickmanns studied aerospace and aeronautics at the RWTH Aachen, Germany before he joined Princeton University, NJ, USA, DFVLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany and NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center, USA. Since 1975 he is Full Professor at the Federal Armed Forces University.


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