October 26-28, 1998
Nottingham, United Kingdom


"Analogy is not only a legitimate product of science
but capable of generating science in its turn ..."
J.C.Maxwell, address to the British Association.

The SCS European Simulation Symposium aims to bring together scientists, developers and users of leading edge simulation technology. By providing seven thematical tracks (methodology and six application areas), the Programme Committee has attempted to provide foci for scientific contributions while offering an opportunity to the participants to engage in stimulating discussions with colleagues who may have quite different application frames of reference. Reflecting J.C.Maxwell's belief in the power of thinking by analogy, this year's SCS will include Human Centered Simulation track, which pays attention to simulation in arts, design and the media, and ballances the more traditional topics of simulations in science, engineering and business. If the induction force between the 'logical' and the 'creative' thinking will produce novel ideas the conference will have been a success.

Professor Andrzej Bargiela
General Conference and Program Chair


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