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An Environment For Stability Assessment Of Single-Source

Active Noise Control Systems In 3D Free-Field Propagation


Noormaziah Jafferi, M. Osman Tokhi

Published in:


ECMS 2007 Proceedings

Edited by: Ivan Zelinka, Zuzana Oplatkova, Alessandra Orsoni


ISBN: 978-0-9553018-2-7

Doi: 10.7148/2007


21st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation,

Prague, June 4-6, 2007


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Jafferi, N., & Tokhi, M. O. (2007). Active Noise Control Design With Simple Genetic Algorithm. ECMS 2007 Proceedings edited by: I. Zelinka, Z. Oplatkova, A. Orsoni (pp. 605-610). European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi:10.7148/2007-0605.



This paper describes the development of an environment for the assessment of stability of active noise control (ANC) systems in 3D propagation. A single-input single-output (SISO) feedforward control structure (FFCS) is considered. The environment allows geometrical design of the system complying with system stability. Results demonstrating such phenomena are presented in the paper. The environment thus designed and developed may be used for assessment and evaluation of ANC system designs.

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