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Modelling And Simulation Of Food Network


Tibor Kmet

Published in:


ECMS 2008 Proceedings

Edited by: Loucas S. Louca, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Zuzana Oplatkova, Khalid Al-Begain


ISBN: 978-0-9553018-6-5

Doi: 10.7148/2008


22nd European Conference on Modelling and Simulation,

Nicosia, June 3-6, 2008


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Kmet, T. (2008). Modelling And Simulation Of Food Network. ECMS 2008 Proceedings edited by: L. S. Louca, Y. Chrysanthou, Z. Oplatkova, K. Al-Begain (pp. 157-163). European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi:10.7148/2008-0157



The analysis of networks of ecological throphic trans- fers is a useful complement to simulation modelling in the quest for understanding whole-ecosystem dynamics. Throphic networks can be studied in quantitive and sys- tematic fashion at several levels. The purpose of this pa- per is to investigate a system of parabolic equations with discrete time delays describing a simple throphic food network which consists of the n + 1 type living organ- isms zooplankton, phytoplankton and microorganisms), the n type dissolved organic and inorganic nutrients and detritus. When the delays are relatively small, our pre- dictions are also identical to the predictions given by the corresponding PDE. The system of parabolic equations is discretized by the finite difference method which yields a coupled system of nonlinear algebraic equations. Stabil- ity analysis of equilibria and some numerical examples are given.

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