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Framework For Interoperable Operations In Port Facilities


Agostino G. Bruzzone, Simonluca Poggi, Enrico Bocca

Published in:


ECMS 2008 Proceedings

Edited by: Loucas S. Louca, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Zuzana Oplatkova, Khalid Al-Begain


ISBN: 978-0-9553018-6-5

Doi: 10.7148/2008


22nd European Conference on Modelling and Simulation,

Nicosia, June 3-6, 2008


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Bruzzone, A. G., Poggi, S., & Bocca, E. (2008). Framework For Interoperable Operations In Port Facilities. ECMS 2008 Proceedings edited by: L. S. Louca, Y. Chrysanthou, Z. Oplatkova, K. Al-Begain (pp. 277-282). European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi:10.7148/2008-0277



Among the most advanced techniques, interoperable simulation is actually emerging in those application fields where different entities/components dynamically interacts. Currently such a technology is becoming more and more effective in new areas, reproducing the experiences already collected in military sectors. For instance, logistics infrastructures and ports see many entities interacting dynamically, their synergy strongly affects the overall efficiency of the port terminals as well as the safety of the operators.

DIPTEM is involved in a new research, funded by COSMOL AB Consortium, for creating a distributed federation able to reproduce port operations with special emphasis on the dock cranes; in fact DIPTEM collected over the last five years multiple experiences in this sector and in bordering areas: SITRANET and INNOV ARE researchs for Intermodal  Terminal, RESET for River Logistic.

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