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An XML Based Simulation Method For Extended Queuing Networks


Andreas W. Liehr, Klaus J. Buchenrieder

Published in:


ECMS 2008 Proceedings

Edited by: Loucas S. Louca, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Zuzana Oplatkova, Khalid Al-Begain


ISBN: 978-0-9553018-6-5

Doi: 10.7148/2008


22nd European Conference on Modelling and Simulation,

Nicosia, June 3-6, 2008


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Liehr, A. W., & Buchenrieder, K. J. (2008). An XML Based Simulation Method For Extended Queuing Networks. ECMS 2008 Proceedings edited by: L. S. Louca, Y. Chrysanthou, Z. Oplatkova, K. Al-Begain (pp. 322-328). European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi:10.7148/2008-0322



Extended Queuing Networks (EQN) are popular mod- els for performance simulation of computer systems and communication networks. The EQN simulator devel- oped in this work provides a simple and efficient sim- ulation environment, which can be seamlessly integrated by XSLT transformations into modern system-design en- vironments. Novel in this approach, is the consistent ex- ertion of XML for all programmed modules of the simu- lator and the specification of the EQNs itself. The simu- lation method developed profits from XML Schema and provides a framework for constructing and solving stan- dard Queuing Networks (QNM) as well as EQNs. The application of the XML Path Language (XPath) warrants a simple, robust and error resistant simulation, that can be interfaced with numerous programming languages with an XML interface. The paper presents the simulation method, the underlying XML model, model validation and the analysis of results. In the contribution, we also provide implementation details and experimental results for the prototype simulator.

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