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Russian Grandparenting: Demographic And Statistical Modelling Experience


Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova

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2020). ECMS 2020 Proceedings Edited by: Mike Steglich, Christian Muller, Gaby Neumann, Mathias Walther, European Council for Modeling and Simulation.



ISSN: 2522-2422 (ONLINE)

ISSN: 2522-2414 (PRINT)

ISSN: 2522-2430 (CD-ROM)


ISBN: 978-3-937436-68-5
ISBN: 978-3-937436-69-2(CD)


Communications of the ECMS , Volume 34, Issue 1, June 2020,

United Kingdom


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F Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova (2020). Russian Grandparenting: Demographic And Statistical Modelling Experience, ECMS 2020 Proceedings Edited By: Mike Steglich, Christian Mueller, Gaby Neumann, Mathias Walther European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi: 10.7148/2020-0078



The demographic situation in Russia has been quite complicated for many years. Its important negative manifestations are low birth rates and low life expectancy at birth. In this situation, studies on the role of older people (primarily grandparents) in the birth, upbringing, and development of grandchildren become especially important. The purpose of our exploratory research is to model the objective and subjective characteristics of Russian grandparents who realize the functions of parental labour in relation to their grandchildren. Statistical modelling of differences between the target group and the alternative group was carried out primarily on the basis of the parametric and nonparametric independent samples tests: t-test, Mann-Whitney U test, median test. Specific features related to age, level of education, social activity and subjective assessments of health of the grandmothers involved in daily childcare were revealed. The model of a typical grandmother actively involved in parental labour was presented. This will be the basis for developing a full-scale survey and determining the best research design.

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