12th International conference ON
analytical and stochastic modelling
Techniques and Applications 
ASMTA 2005
in Conjunction with 
19th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation

June 1st - 4th, 2005
Riga, Latvia







ASMTA05-11 - Extended Paper
Analysis of Discrete-Time Multiserver Queues with Constant Service Times
and Correlated Arrivals 1
Peixia Gao, S. Wittevrongel and H. Bruneel

The Map/Msp/1/R Queuing System with Background Customers 9
Pavel Bocharov, Rosanna Manzo and Leonid Shlumper

Non-Stationary Characteristics of The Queuing Systems with
Foreground-Background Processor Sharing Discipline 13
C. D'Apice, A.V. Peckinkin and S. Salerno

ASMTA05-18 - Extended Paper
Transient Analysis of A Discrete-Time Priority Queue 17
Joris Walraevens, Dieter Fiems and Herwig Bruneel

ASMTA05 Session 2: Communication Networks

Analysis of TCP Algorithms in the Reliable IEEE 802.11b Link 25
Lukas Pavilanskas

A Heuristic Algorithm for Capacity Sizing of Fixed Routing Multiservice
Erlang Loss Network 31
Zdenko Vrdoljak and Mladen Kos

Evaluation of GPRS Enabled Secure Remote Patient Monitoring System 41
K Malhotra, S Gardner, D Rees

Dynamic Tree-Like Structures in P2P-Networks 49
Herwig Unger and Markus Wulff

Optimal Call Admission Control and Bandwidth Adaptation in
Multimedia Cellular Mobile Networks 55
Glaucio H.S. Carvalho, Carlos R. L. Francês, João C. W. A. Costa,
Rita C. M. Rodrigues and Solon V. Carvalho

ASMTA05 Session 3: Optimisation and Control I

ASMTA05-02 - Extended paper
Estimation of Warranty Period for Fatigue-Sensitive Aircraft Structure Components 61
Konstantin N. Nechval, Nicholas A. Nechval and Edgars K. Vasermanis

Inspection Policies for Fatigue-Sensitive Components in Aircraft Service 71
Konstantin N. Nechval, Nicholas A. Nechval and Gundars Berzins

Constraint Multi-Objective Optimisation of a Controller for a Highly
Nonlinear Aeroelastic Structure - Testbed Design 77
Hossien S. Zadeh

Constraint Multi-Objective Optimisation of a Controller for a Highly
Nonlinear Aeroelastic Structure - Methodology 82
Hossien S. Zadeh

ASMTA05 Session 4: Methodology

ASMTA05 Tutorial (Double Slot)
Introduction to Network Calculus 89
Ulrich Klehmet, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Stochastic Model of an Adaptive Samuel-Marshall Type Single Component Market 91
Vineta Minkevica and Karlis Sadurskis

Resampling-Approach to One Task of Comparison of Two Renewal Processes 94
Helen Afanasyeva

ASMTA05 Session 5: Markov models and solutions

About Analysis and Modelling of the Open Message Switching System 101
S. Minkevicius and G. Kulvietis,

A Fast Matrix-Analytic Approximation for the Two Class GI/G/1
Non-Preemptive Priority Queue 105
Gabor Horvath

Novel Queueing Model for Multimedia over Downlink in 3.5G Wireless Network 111
Khalid AL-Begain, Alexander N. Dudin and Vilena Mushko

Automatic Creation of Numerical Models of Systems Specified by PLA Method 118
H.Pranevicius, G. Tumelis and V. Germanavicius

ASMTA05 Session 6: Analysis in Simulation

A SS-SVM Approach to Generate Synthetic Network Delays 125
Jos´e A. Hern´andez, Iain W. Phillips and Javier M. Moguerza

CINSim: A Component Based Interconnection Network Simulator for
Modelling Dynamic Reconfiguration 132
Dietmar Tutsch, Daniel L Rudtke, Arvid Walter and Matthias Kuhm

Efficiency Analysis of Trace-Driven Simulation by Use of Embedded
Semi-Markov Processes 138
Alexander Andronov

On Application of the Sufficient Empirical Averaging Method to System Simulation 144
Alexander Andronov, Catherine Zhukovskaya and Evgeniy V. Chepurin

ASMTA05 Session 7: Optimisation and Control II

On An Inventory Control Models with Random Lead Time and Random Demand 151
Eugene Kopytov and Leonid Greenglaz

Parametric Adaptation of Associative Control 155
Al. Matvejevs and An. Matvejevs

Applications of Stochastic Optimisation in Non-Linear and Discontinuous Design Spaces 160
Lorenz Drack and Hossein S. Zadeh

Constrained Optimization in Newsboy Problems under Uncertainty
via Statistical Inference Equivalence Principle 166
Nicholas A. Nechval and Konstantin N. Nechval


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