20TH EUROPEAN Conference
on Modelling and Simulation

ECMS 2006
(formerly referred to as 'SCS-ESM')

May 28th - 31st, 2006
Bonn, Germany

Registration/Payment INFORMATION

Please pay/register for submitting a paper and/or attending our conference through:

In case you have never used PayPal before, please read this PayPal-information.

No additional registration papers will be needed besides the payment.

In case the paying person is not one of the listed authors of a paper or if you are paying fees for more than one person,

 please write a note to ecms2006@scs-europe.net.

Paying by bank transfer:

All information for bank transfer is also listed on

Please transfer the exact amount of your conference fee.

Any additional transaction fee which you might be asked for by your bank, is something you would have to negotiate with them (no fees will be added while paying by credit card through PayPal). There will be no additional charge asked by our bank. 

Papers to this conference will only be published if payment has been received with the final submission of your paper.

Please ensure that at least one author will be present at the conference to present his/her paper.

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